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Adrienne's Pizzabar: Whatever You Call It, It's Great

What I love just as much as the confluence of great ingredients, though, is the riot of textures on this pizza. The airy, puffy parts of the dough are crisp yet soft and pillowy. The thinner parts that didn't rise as much are crisper and dense and get a little more oily and almost fried in the pan. The regular "aged" mozzarella in spots chars a bit and takes on that crunchy texture that I love in Detroit-style pan pizzas. And the fresh mozzarella remains creamy throughout. More

Grimaldi's Opening Location in Financial District

Eater reports that Grimaldi's is opening a Manhattan location in the Financial District. Owner Frank Ciolli has signed a 20-year lease on a space at 135 John Street, the site says, and that "construction is slated to begin in about a month." Menu and pizzeria layout will clone its famous sister store under the Brooklyn Bridge. Grimaldi's Manhattan: 135 John Street, New York NY (at Water Street; map)... More

Slice and the City: A DJ Bubbles Margherita Drive-By

Bubbles Bradshaw here. While my sister, Carrie, and her floozie friends made a killing at the box office this summer in the lame-ass rom-com Sex and the City, I've been keeping tabs on my favorite gal pals, the (pizza) Margheritas of New York. Suffice it to say, they've been putting out like Carrie's best friend, Samantha. Luckily, I’m not a jealous guy. So allow me to take a moment and update you on where the hottest Margheritas have been kicking it. Which is where I inevitably end up, as well. Yeah, that's right, we've got a hit show of our... More

Il Brigante Reviewed in the 'Daily News'

Says Irene Sax: "The pizzas are hand-rolled disks of dough with charred, blistered edges and thin but flexible crusts. The rich, pure tomato sauce on the Calabria is topped with melted fior di latte, or cow's milk mozzarella, slices of spicy sopressata, briny black olives and onions ($13). The Brigante starts with the same rich sauce and cheese and adds thin prosciutto, arugula and Parmesan ($16). Meant for one, they are easily big enough for two to share and are definitely worth the voyage." 214 Front Street, New York NY 10038 (near South Street Seaport; map); 212-285-0222... More

A Saturday Pizza Tour

From left: A Di Fara half-plain, half-artichoke pie; pizza-makers at Franny's; an Isabella's Oven Margherita D.O.C.; Una Pizza Napoletana's marinara pie. Last year around this time Slice/Serious Eats contributed to Pim Techamuanvivit's Menu for Hope charity raffle. Our giveaway was a guided pizza tour for four. Well, the winners—Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek of Montreal food blog An Endless Banquet—finally made us make good on our prize. (It took them almost a year because they live in Montreal and I secretly think they were waiting for the loonie to beat the dollar before making a trip to the U.S.)... More

Frank Bruni Disses Il Brigante

Remember that rave review Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema gave Il Brigante the other week? New York Times food critic Frank Bruni says, "huh," slamming the new pizzeria and, by extension, Sietsema. If his point is that Neapolitan pizza is unduly romanticized, and that your standard pizza pie in Naples is not necessarily some gastronomically wondrous epiphany, then O.K., there’s some merit to what he’s saying. But his point seems to be that he loved this pie. My lunch companion and I found nothing lovable about it. I haven't been yet, but now I'm even more curious...... More

The City's New Best Pizza?

The Village Voice's Robert Sietsema thinks he's found it at Il Brigante: At its heart, Il Brigante is a pizzeria, and a damn good one. The rear wall is dominated by a flickering wood-burning hearth inside a limestone proscenium, where a sweating and grunting pizzaiolo is the star of his own small repertory theater. In the style of southern Italy, the 10-inch pies are intended for individual consumption. In fact, the margherita ($10) is the city's most perfect evocation of the true Naples style (even surpassing top spots like Una Pizza Napoletana and La Pizza Fresca). Starting with an irregular... More

Any Good 24-Hour Pizza Joints in NYC?

Reader comment and response is still pouring in thanks to yesterday's New York Times story. So many great comments and recommendations. And questions. Reaching into the proverbial mailbag, we have ... Dear Slice, Do you know of any good late night or 24 hour pizza places in NYC? —Bilal Dear Bilal, Slice is a homebody, more prone to lying prone on the couch at night, remote in hand, watching Battlestar Galactica. But our favorite late-night (if not 24-hour) place is Vinny Vincenz. Great squares here. Sunday through Thursday till 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday till 4:30 a.m. Late enough for... More

Ray's: The Question Remains Unanswered

In yesterday's New York Times F.Y.I. column, the question was raised: Where was the first Ray's Pizza, and what's the story behind it? A. Why don’t you ask something simple, like what happened to Judge Crater? Some New York culinary questions (just who invented the black-and-white cookie is another) are destined to remain shrouded in mystery. The evolution of Ray’s Pizza resists an easy explanation.... The Ray’s question is also bristling with lawyers. Rosolino Mangano, of Famous Original Ray’s Pizza on Columbus Avenue near 83rd Street, went to court in the early 1990’s, registered that name and branched out with... More

Adrienne's in the 'New York Times'

Peter Meehan visits Adrienne's Pizza Bar and finds that "the difference is night and day." He's talking about the vibe and the menu at lunch and dinner. Until 5 p.m. or so, Adrienne's Pizza Bar is brightly lighted and bustling. Those who need to rush back to the office - Adrienne's is in the financial district - can grab a slice from the counter near the Pearl Street entrance. Those with time to linger can order from a simple menu that features gigantic 10-slice rectangular pizzas ($15) with a bevy of toppings to choose from ($3 each), as well... More

Adrienne's Pizzabar

In Manhattan's Financial District, where the law of supply and demand is keenly understood, a new pizza partnership has emerged to capitalize on what we at Slice have noticed is a growing taste in the city for the "grandma" pie—essentially a thin-crust Sicilian. Co-owned by famed pizzaman Nick Angelis (Nick's) and Harry and Peter Poulakakos (Bayard's, Financier, Ulysses), Adrienne's offers Angelis's renowned round pies—but what keeps customers eagerly waiting for tables is the "Old Fashioned." It's a pizza that any Italian nonna would be proud to call her own, and those at Adrienne's exhibit the same bright, fresh tomato... More

Openings: Adrienne's Pizzabar

Update: Read Slice's Adrienne's Review here From NYMetro.com (third item): Adrienne’s Pizza Bar Square must be the new round judging by Adrienne’s, a stylish joint venture from father-and-son restaurateurs Harry and Peter Poulakakos (Bayard’s, Financier Patisserie, Ulysses) and Nick Angelis of Nick’s Pizza fame. Although his superb signature round pie is on the menu, the big news is that Angelis has delved into the rarefied world of thin-crust square, or “grandma”-style pizza. Inspired by Brooklyn’s Di Fara and its thin-crust Sicilian pie as well as the trend-setting grandma version at King Umberto’s on Long Island, he’s crafted a pizza that—dare... More

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