'First Crush' on Serious Eats

My Pie Monday: Greek Pizza, Cast Iron Pizzas, and Cheeseburger Pizza Buns!

This week's installment of My Pie Monday is here and there are some fantastic looking pies! Norma got into the spirit of last week's Greek pizza posts (here and here) with a Greek pie of her own. First Crush (from over at pizzmaking.com) sent in a first time submission that demonstrates some real wood fired oven mastery. Sure hope we get to see more of those! And Scott D has a Margherita to show for that second ever firing in his own outdoor fire breather. SlideSF shows off what a superb looking Neapolitan pizza the Little Black Egg can produce. Rounding out all this pizza baking variety, srj1970 has a whole table full of little lovelies cooked on a cast-iron pan. But no MPM is complete without some pizza innovation, which Jimmyg definitely delivers with his pizza capped cheeseburger! More

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