'Five Roses' on Serious Eats

Former Five Roses Owner-Pizzawoman Now Making Pizza on the Beach in Jamaica

It was charming, sure, but wouldn't you rather eat Five Roses pizza on the beach in sunny Jamaica? Photograph by Adam Kuban That's Jamaica the country, not Jamaica, Queens. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York reports that former Five Roses owner-pizzawoman Krystyna is now semiretired in the island nation, working at a sports bar called 23/7: I called 23/7 in Negril and spoke to co-owner John Maire, who confirmed the rumor. John lived in the East Village most of his life. He ate at the 5 Rose's for 20 years and even delivered pizzas for Krystyna. She cooked for his wedding.... More

Openings: Iggy's Pizzeria to Replace Five Roses in East Village

eater.com Eater confirms earlier rumors that the space that used to house Five Roses Pizza is indeed going to become another pizzeria—Iggy's. Five Roses, the beloved East Village joint that often made best-of pizza lists, was pushed out of the storefront on First Avenue in late November 2008 due to a rent increase. Eater assumes "they have a killer business plan, as sources who have eyed the space over the last year tell us the landlord was asking for an exorbitant rent," but, who knows, maybe the crap market forced the owner to take a lower price. Iggy's Pizzeria:... More

East Village's Five Roses Pizza Closing

According to Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, the landlord is raising the rent on the little pizzeria on First Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets. Saturday is the last day, and after that, the owner may try to move the location farther east.... More

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