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Dear Slice: Arizona Pizza Pilgrimage

Dear Slice Meredith Smith 17 comments

We've some pizza gold from the Slice mailbox. If you saw our Pizza Obsessives interview with Lance yesterday, you'll have eagerly been awaiting the followup—Lance describes his visit to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and gives us a first look at Flagstaff's Pizzicletta, which of course is the subject of Caleb Schiff's column "Building a Pizzeria". What I'm saying is that we have a cosmic pizza convergence here. "You're driving to Phoenix... for pizza?" That's how everyone used to say it, with shock in their voice. But with all the press that my favorite place in the world, Pizzeria Bianco, has... More

Building a Pizzeria: Behind-the-Scenes

Caleb Schiff 20 comments

So far I've been telling everyone about some of the major steps and objectives I've accomplished as I open a pizzeria: the local support and lenders, the menu, the oven, the layout, and glimpses of the construction. And now as a businessman, I have to consider how much detail I can and should reveal to all my followers. However, I'm not one that can hide my emotions, as those closest to me could tell you. Making long-term financial commitments to my lenders, committing my foreseeable future to making Pizzicletta successful, and understanding that Pizzicletta and Caleb will soon be an inseparable entity is a HUGE emotional undertaking. The closer these plans come to a reality, the more excited I am for them to be true. At the same time, I am constantly thinking of how I can improve my business model to ensure success. More

Building a Pizzeria: Shaping the Menu

Caleb Schiff 11 comments

For this post, I want to discuss the process of developing the menu for my pizzeria and the inspiration behind it. When you come to Pizzicletta, you'll soon realize that through the menu, the space and decor, I am striving for simplicity. More

Dear Slice: 'I Had Pizza with Caleb (Flagstaff Forno)'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

Remember when we interviewed Caleb Schiff (Flagstaff Forno) about his pizza oven? Remember that he invited SE'rs to his pizza nights in that interview? Yuzuman83 took him up on it. Here's Yuzuman83's tale in words and pictures. More

My Pizza Oven: Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno)

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 29 comments

This week's My Pizza Oven interviewee, Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno), is A) awesome and B) CRAZY. He's got a beautiful backyard wood-fired oven he built himself and cooks some great-looking pizza in. That's the awesome part. The CRAZAY part is that he seems totally serious about hosting Flagstaff-area Slice'rs for pizza. I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into! More

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