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Dear Slice: 'I Had Pizza with Caleb (Flagstaff Forno)'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

Remember when we interviewed Caleb Schiff (Flagstaff Forno) about his pizza oven? Remember that he invited SE'rs to his pizza nights in that interview? Yuzuman83 took him up on it. Here's Yuzuman83's tale in words and pictures. More

My Pizza Oven: Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno)

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 29 comments

This week's My Pizza Oven interviewee, Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno), is A) awesome and B) CRAZY. He's got a beautiful backyard wood-fired oven he built himself and cooks some great-looking pizza in. That's the awesome part. The CRAZAY part is that he seems totally serious about hosting Flagstaff-area Slice'rs for pizza. I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into! More

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