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'The Best Thing I Ever Ate' Pizza Episode

The Pizza Rosa from Pizzeria Bianco is the best (pizza) thing that food writer John T. Edge has even eaten. Philip G. (aka Prairie) calls our attention to the Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate episode on pizza, breaking down the list for us: Ted Allen: Graziella's, Brooklyn, Pizza Arugula and Parmesan Duff Goldman: Gino's East, Chicago, Sausage-Patty Style Marc Summers: Osteria, Philadelphia Margherita pizza Tyler Florence: Serious Pie, Seattle, chanterelle and truffle pizza... More

Dear Slice: 'Food Detectives' Investigates Claim That Water Makes NYC Pizza Great

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a great piece of pizza TV intel from Tony Muia, the proprietor of the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. I just wanted to give you a heads-up about an episode I taped for the Food Network's Food Detectives, hosted by Ted Allen. The episode tried to disprove the idea that NYC water is what makes NYC pizza so great. They had John LaFemina, the chef from Apizz in Manhattan, make dough with water from NYC, Chicago, and L.A. I was one of the judges, along with Mario Cantone, Joey Ciolli from... More

The FN Dish at Di Fara

"This is like the Ben & Jerry's of toppings—it's like, it's not just a little bit of garlic; it's a LOT of garlic" —Sunny Anderson, Food Network host As part of his FN Dish online show for the Food Network, Adam "Amateur Gourmet" Roberts goes to Di Fara with Sunny Anderson, a new Food Network show host. If you want to skip the bunkum about Roberts getting his hair cut and the Food Network promo junk, go to 1:30 into the video for the Di Fara stuff, where Anderson calls garlic and pepperoni the "Ben & Jerry's of toppings" (which... More

On TV: 'Heavyweights: The Pizza Files'

Well, folks, unless they left me on the cutting room floor, yours truly will be appearing as a blabbing head tomorrow night on the new Food Network show Heavyweights. I'll be on an episode called "The Pizza Files." The show pits two food industry rivals against one another and has commentators talk about them. The two biggies here: Pizza Hut and Domino's. The short of it: Airs Saturday, September 22 at 9 p.m. ET. Check your local listings, set your TiVos, take some Tums. The long of it after the jump, written just after I taped the show on July... More

Slice Pizzeria on Food Network

Moby's everywhere I turn the last couple of days. First as the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question on New Year's Day. Then on a couple NYC blogs yesterday as word of his tea shop's renovation spread. And now on the Food Network eating pizza. But wait. Ain't that dude vegan? You betcha. But the slice he's holding (right) is from Upper East Side healthy-pizza pizzeria Slice. Last night's Recipe for Success on the Food Network featured the place, and the story was fairly interesting, showing all the hard work and research the majority owner, Miki Agrawal, put into her... More

Roll Tape

Almost a year ago, this site's editor and publisher, Adam K. (that's me), was called upon to serve as a judge in the annual Best of Long Island Pizza Contest. Contest organizers told me that the judges would be sampling 25 slices of pizza—five pizzerias competing in five categories. They told me that the Food Network would be there, taping for the show All American Festivals. They also told me not to eat breakfast. This site's roving reporter, E-Rock, joined me on the journey to Farmingdale (that's who I'm consulting with in the screen capture at right), and our... More

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