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Daily Slice: Luigi Pizzeria, Brooklyn

Luigi Pizzeria, on Dekalb Avenue right near Pratt, is about as bare-bones as a pizzeria can get: oven, counter, half a dozen pies on display, and only room for 3 or 4 people to fit inside. But the counter guys are friendly, the prices are gentle, and the pizza, while nothing unusual, is incredibly satisfying. More

Graziella's: Every Neighborhood Should Be So Lucky

I think most neighborhoods have a place like Graziella's. Maybe it's not a pizzeria, but you know the place — it may not be a destination spot, but that's OK. It's where the locals go, a place you wouldn't want ruined by interlopers anyway. I certainly have a place like that in my neighborhood that Girl Slice and I eat at at least once a week. That's what Graziella's felt like to me. Fort Greene residents are lucky to have it. More

New York Times Talks to Dave Sclarow of Pizza Moto

New York Times OK. At first, all the stuff I've seen and heard about this Pizza Moto mobile pizza trailer at the Brookyln Flea? It all made me think "amateur hour." I mean, you look at the photo of that oven, and it looks more like a low-slung little heap of bricks than a serious wood-fired pizza oven. But this nice profile in the New York Times today reveals that the owner, Dave Sclarow, has some serious pizza cred behind him: "Mr. Sclarow, 34, learned his pizza craft at Franny’s, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and by backpacking through Italy."... More

Brooklyn Flea to Host Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Brownstoner The Brooklyn Flea, the Sunday hipster flea market in Fort Greene, will be home to a new food vendor this weekend. The blog Brownstoner, whose proprietor helps run the market, reports that a chef named "Dave" has built a mobile wood-fired pizza oven and will debut it this weekend at one of the food stalls there. "Dave" built the brick oven on a small trailer not unlike the mobile pizza ovens I've seen online and IRL in other parts of the country. There's a fleet of them in the Pacific Northwest, an outfit upstate in Ithaca, and Ed... More

Via Camphone002.jpg

Via Camphone002.jpg, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Slice As soon as you begin the ascent of this staircase, the tantalizing smell of pizza assaults you. Where does it come from? Stay tuned. The mystery will be solved in minutes via camera phone.... More

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