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Interview with a 'Pizzaiolo' Foursquare Badge Holder

Hah. Remember when social-geolocation app Foursquare introduced the Pizzaiolo badge? (When you use the app on your mobile and "check in" to 20 pizzerias, you get the badge.) Well, Metromix New York checks in with Ben Breier, a dude who earned one: Over the course of 20 check-ins, you've seen the good, bad and the ugly of NYC pizza. What are some of your favorites? Not-so-favorites?My two favorite places to get pizza are Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint and Roberta's in Bushwick, but both for vastly different reasons. Paulie Gee's keeps it simple with the freshest possible ingredients. Roberta's has some... More

Earn Foursquare's New Pizzaiolo Badge by Checking In at 20 Pizzerias

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got some cool news about a new Foursquare badge. (Foursquare is a social-media site and phone app that turns going out on the town into a sort of game. You earn points and badges for checking in at various places. Yo, wanted to give you a heads up that Foursquare now has a new badge...It's called Pizzaiolo... you earn it if you check in to 2520 pizzerias. Enclosed is what it looks like. Figured you might be interested. I'm betting you'll earn it soon.Cheers, Aaron... More

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