'Gianluca Rottura' on Serious Eats

Pizza Obsessives: Gianluca Rottura

Our Pizza Obsessives column continues this week as we talk to Gianluca Rottura, who you may know from the comments here as "nextgospel." I know Gianluca's opinionated about pizza, so I was eager to talk to him. Let's go! —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Gianluca Rottura] Name: Gianluca Rottura Location: Manhattan, NYC Occupation: Wine store owner (In Vino Veritas), wine book author (Wine Made Easy), and author of an upcoming cookbook and a children's book ... (I know, I know, even NFL linebackers write kids' books) Website: pizzaandcoffee.com "...please trust me when I say that garlic and mozzarella is not a great... More

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