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Gialina: San Francisco Food Critic Michael Bauer's Favorite Pizzeria

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] This is from last week, but if you're not plugged in to the SF pizza scene, you may have missed it. San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer officially anoints Pizzeria Gialina his favorite pizza place in the City by the Bay: What sets Gialina pizza apart is the handmade crust, with puffy edges that are darkened but not blistered and a delicately chewy texture - it's nearly cracker-crisp on the outside, giving way to that elusive tender breadiness. The secret, according to Ardiana, is a low yeast-to-flour ratio and a dough that is wetter than... More

Pizzeria Gialina and a Summer of Super Slices in San Francisco

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Gialina Pizzeria 2842 Diamond Street, San Francisco CA 94131 (map); 415-239-8500; gialina.comPizza Style: ArtisanalOven Type: Gas-fired I have several vivid memories of San Francisco restaurants from when I lived there, back in the days of yore. I often wistfully recall the sight of the cook hand-pulling noodles at Kirin and the incomparable dry fried squid my friends and I would fight over. At other times, I daydream and find myself in North Beach, inhaling garlic vapors before walking into Caffe Sport just as lunch hour ends and sharing shrimp and pasta with an old friend. Such... More

Gialina, Glen Park, San Francisco: A Quickie

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] Gialina Pizzeria 2842 Diamond Street, San Francisco CA 94131 (map); 415-239-8500; gialina.comPizza Style: ArtisanalOven Type: Gas-firedThe Skinny: With only one (Margherita) pie sampled here, I can't really say, but I'm guessing that the reason people love this place is more for the inventive toppings than any masterfully rendered crust Ed Levine has already written about Gialina in San Francisco's Glen Park neighborhood here on Slice, so I'm linking to it and just giving my quick impressions, since I only sampled a lone Margherita pizza there Tuesday night. The GF and I had already done a late... More

Ed Levine Went to Gialina Pizzeria, and All Slice Got Was a Lousy Google Alert

Gialina Pizzeria is one of San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer's pick for the best pizza in the City by the Bay. Ed Levine here at Slice–Serious Eats headquarters was in San Francisco last week and went to both Pizzeria Delfina and Gialina Pizzeria with San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer. And do you know how I found out about this excursion? On Michael Bauer's blog via my "pizza news" Google Alert. Hmmph. Where's the Slice report, Ed? I've been waiting for Ed to weigh in on the pizza, but since the dirt has not been dished,... More

'The Chronicle' on Gialina

Awesome. I just remembered to check back on the San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Bauer and his blog, Between Meals. Bauer is, of course, the food critic there, and he pledged last week to begin a "Pizza Friday" series. He did indeed drop the first one. Here's a video from it: It's from Gialina in the Glen Park section of San Francisco. And I'm so upset I missed this place when I was out there in the summer of 2006. Actually, it didn't even exist at that point. See, I stayed very close to Gialina's future location and caught the BART... More

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