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Pizza Cotta Bene: A New(ish) Old School Brooklyn Sliceria

Pizza Cotta Bene, a pizzeria in Gowanus that on paper is new (they opened just over a year ago), but you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Everything from the cheap interior tables, to the soda fountain, to the glass display case showing a half dozen by-the-slice selections looks just like the pizzerias of my youth, and good news: the pizza is good. Great, even. More

Daily Slice: Tomato and Basil, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I've always found grandma slices to be a three-buck gamble, but this square holds its own. Just as tasty is Tomato and Basil's Margherita ($3). The lower crust-to-topping ratio makes this slice more of a flavor bomb than dear old granny's and brings it more into line with the qualities that make slices like Di Fara's memorable. More

Weekend Pizza Report: Bacon Pizza at Famous Original Ray's; Bar Tano in Gowanus

Editor's note: The place I wanted to visit for this week's review wasn't open, so I'm going to give you a run-down on my weekend in pizza instead, along with a makeshift review on an unexpected place. —The Mgmt. The Most Insane Pizza I Have Ever Seen Bacon pizza. That's right: B-A-C-O-N. At the Famous Original Ray's on 62nd and Lex. On Saturday I was supposed to meet Girl Slice at an undisclosed location on the Upper East Side at 3 p.m. She must have called while I was on the subway in from Brooklyn because when I popped up... More

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