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Top This: Butternut Squash Pizza (à la Grandaisy Bakery)

Slice: New York Erin Mosbaugh 4 comments

Grandaisy Bakery debuted its butternut squash pizza (or "Pizza Zucca") three years ago as a seasonal special for fall. Customer were so smitten with the thin, Roman-style square slice covered with sweet roasted butternut squash, fresh sage and nutty gruyère cheese, the bakery now sells it year-round. More

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Roman Invasion

ScottWiener 14 comments

There is no such thing as Italian pizza. We're seeing a LOT of Neapolitan representation these days, but if New York is any indication, I'd say it's time to brush up on your Julius Caesar and prepare for a visit from the Roman pizza army. More

Daily Slice: Cauliflower and Gruyere Pizza at Grandaisy, NYC

Daily Slice Carey Jones 5 comments

Grandaisy Bakery is a fine destination for thin squares of pizza; we recently enjoyed the Couolfiore($3.25), cauliflower and Gruyere. More

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