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A Little Pizza With Your Candy?

Happy Halloween! For parents (and let's admit it, any among us with a craving for the sweet stuff), managing the highs—and especially the lows—of this sweetest of holidays can be a battle. One way to try and stave off those post-candy-binge crashes? Chow down on some pizza first...preferably of the ghoulish variety. More

Pizza Samurai Halloween Costume

UPDATE: WE WON! DUH! Will Won two free Hot N Ready pizzas a month. BOOM! That ought to cover about 10% of his Hot N Ready habit. [Photographs: Alan Young] This Halloween the Richmond, Virginia–area Little Caesars held a Halloween costume contest. Today they will award one year of free pizza to the maker of the best costume made out of Little Caesars pizza boxes—plus some serious bragging rights. When I saw this on Facebook I immediately recruited my friend, Will Blanton, and teamed up to design and build what we are sure is a winning costume. Picture it: a... More

I Am a Bit Corny, Don't You Think?

Check me out! I got a spiffy new costume for Halloween this year! Robyn Lee crafted it for me out of yellow pixels and orange pixels and white pixels. Pretty appropriate considering that today is National Candy Corn Day and all, doncha think? But I'm still not sure if I should go as Candy Corn Slice or Vampire Pumpkin Slice. What do you think?... More

Recipe: Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

According to the California Pizza Kitchen Family Cookbook, this recipe is "pumpkin pie on a pizza crust." This little jack-o-lantern gives a new life to the phrase "pizza pie," and from one pizza and pie lover to another, why not? Cute for kids, playful for adults. It’s time for some face on your pie, instead of a pie in your face. And now you have the recipe to the famous CPK honey-wheat crust.... More

Cat-Shaped Pizza

OK. OK. Adam thinks I have been scaring you all too much, so he suggested I show you this pizza. It's in a similar ... vein (bwahahaha!) as the Yoda or Darth Vader pizzas but this pizza was made from a recipe in a book called Pizza Fun. It's just another way to costume your pizza, but again, it's not as cool as my vampire-pumpkin get-up! Photograph from hale_popoki on Flickr... More

Scary Pizza: 'Fear Factor' Slice With Worms and Fish Eyes

Hope you got yr barf bag ready, peeps, cuz I got the NASTIEST slice of pizza you could ever hope to run away from. It's a slice of pizza from a long-ago episode of Fear Factor and features a bile-based crust, cow-blood sauce, stinky cheese, and is topped with fish eyes and live worms. Yeeeech! Here is what Fear Factor contestant Shelby Smith had to say about eating it: Between all the coagulated blood and the cheese and the worms, I don't think I could even, at the time, differentiate what was in my mouth. I didn't even feel the... More

Gummy Pizza

This is the only pizza-themed candy that I've run across in my brief life. It does not taste like pizza. It tastes like ... ass. Well, what did you expect? I taste so much better. But you suckers out there can't even bite me.... More

Scary Pizza, for Chicagoans

You thought you were going to get off easy, Chicago? No way, man. We all know you hate the thin, crisp slices that typify the New York school of pizza. So I'm subjecting your Windy City eyes to your own version of hell: Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr Photograph from Transparent Reality on Flickr The Hellmouth, as far as Chicago pizza-lovers are concerned: Where it all started, folks. More or less. Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr More thin crusted horrors await you after the jump, my broad-shouldered friends. Bwahahaha!... More

Boo! More Scary Pizza for New Yorkers

I'm going to put another scare into New Yorkers. This time, I'm taking you through a horror show of Chicago deep-dish pizza.... More than Hawaiian-style, what Gothamites revile the most is deep dish. I'm gonna stuff your face in it, suckas. Buckle in, cats. It's gonna be a wild ride. Bwahahaha! Photograph from craigt_from_atl on Flickr For New York pizza lovers, this is the House of Horrors, indeed. From which all evil emanates: Photograph from voteprime on Flickr A gallery of fear follows ...... More

Like a Star Wars Costume for Your Pizza

"The Force is an energy field, created by all living things, that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." Up above me is what Obi Wan said, and that's what pizza is—minus the part about being created by "all living things." (Only a small percentage of all living things create pizza, when you really stop to think about it.) But the rest of the quote holds true. Whatevs. I just think these Star Wars-ified pies rock. Looks easy enough to dress up your pizza, eh? Still, these pizzas are not as good as my pumpkin-vampire costume, which rocks... More

Scary Pizza: Boo! This Topping Is Worse Than Pineapple

Remember I said I would scare the living s&*! out of you? Here goes.... You may have seen this around the web last week. McDonald's food as pizza toppings. [shudders] For some reason, Adam didn't get around to blogging about it.... Oh. He just managed to slip out of his gag (I have him tied to a chair in the corner of the room while I hijack Slice), and he says that the images below made him sick to look at. They kinda make me sick, too. See, you've gotta remember that I'm a slice of pizza, so this kind... More


Good morning, boys and ghouls, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I don't know if we've ever formally met, but I believe you have seen me milling about this weblog here and there. Adam is too lazy to give me a name, so I go by "Slice Dude." Today I am taking over this blog. I will appear throughout the day to SCARE THE LIVING S&*! OUT OF YOU. Or, perhaps, to simply amuse you.... More

Monster Pizza

This, from the Contra Costa Times: If you are horrified by the amount of candy passed out to kids during Halloween, consider making some not-so-sweet treats this year. ... Monster Pizza: Spread a toasted English muffin with pizza sauce. Cut out sliced cheese with Halloween cookie cutter and melt slightly on top. Hmm. Sounds like a recipe for getting your house TP'ed or egged.... More

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