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1Forno Brings Wood-Fired New York-Style Pizza To Harlem

New York-style pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven became a thing a few years ago when Best Pizza of Williamsburg introduced it to the masses, but I never expected it to make its way all the way up to my 'hood in Harlem. If you discount the now 80-year-old East Harlem institution Patsy's (and we're talking the real Patsy's, not the inferior spin-off locations around the city), Harlem doesn't have much going for it pizza-wise. 1Forno is a step in the right direction. More

Daily Slice: I [Heart] NY Pizza, Harlem

Flanked by two subway exits at 155th St in Harlem, I ♥ NY Pizza is a flatiron shaped pizzeria with a small dining area and a bulletproof cage around the kitchen. Though the pizzeria is tiny, the pies are big. A single cheese slice measures 11" from tip to outer edge and 8" across. More

Angelina Pizzabar: Pizza Concept or Seriously Delicious?

Angelina Pizzabar 2728 Broadway, New York NY 10025 (104th/105th streets; map); 212-932-1000; angelinapizzabar.com Pizza Style: Neapolitan and thin-crust square Oven Type: Revolving-floor brick oven The Skinny: A pizza "concept" rather than a pizzeria with heart and soul Price: Pies range from $14 to $22 With all the press attention on new-fashioned pizza, it's not surprising that fresh pizza "concepts" are opening all over the U.S. There's gold in them thar pizza, these folks are saying to themselves. That's probably what the owners of Upper West Side Japanese restaurant Tokyo Pop were thinking when they swapped their Japanese concept for... More

Covo a Welcome Addition to West Harlem Pizza Scene

Photographs by Robyn Lee As far as I'm concerned, every neighborhood in the U.S. should have at least one serious pizzeria. How do I define serious? The oven (be it gas, wood, coal, or electric) has to get hot enough (800°F, at least) to slightly char the pie and cook the crust all the way through in a few minutes. The cheese has to be fresh mozzarella, and high-quality canned tomatoes must be used for sauce. Covo has brought serious pizza to West Harlem, just off the West Side Highway at 135th Street. My Margherita was more than respectable,... More

Openings: Covo

From the New York Times: Covo: A spacious duplex Italian restaurant anchors a new commercial complex. It adds its brick oven pizza, pasta dishes, and hearty main courses to the cluster of restaurants in the area: 701 West 135th Street, 212-234-9573. Website: covony.com... More

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