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Daily Slice: Pizza A Go-Go, Portland, Oregon

Pizza A Go-Go is a no-frills pizza shop in the north end, striving, per their website, to "Keep Portland Tasty". In this endeavor they appear successful, serving up some satisfying slices to the Williams Avenue set. At first glance, the slices appear quite similar to many other slices you've seen around town. It's what's inside that really brings that promised tastiness to the table. They also claim that their pizzas have the "most happenin' combos around!", making it imperative to sample something with an array of unusually paired ingredients. More

Vinnie's Pizza: Hawaii 5-0 Slice

I'm back in Williamsburg on Tuesday nights once again for league bowling. I'm between games now as I write this, blogging my between-games pizza dinner. Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg always has some wacko special each night. Tonight's was the Hawaii 5-0 slice. Ham, pineapple, and fresh (supposedly) oregano. Not great but not horrible. Crust is OK. All crisp, no chew — likely the result of sitting for a while and then getting the reheat. I toyed with the idea of eating the Vinnie's special slice each Tuesday and blabbing about it here, but I don't know if that would... More

Inauguration Dinner: 'Hawaiian' Pizza

In honor of President Barack Obama's inauguration today, I decided to order a "Hawaiian" pizza for dinner tonight. I say "Hawaiian" in quotes because I don't like the traditional (is Hawaiian pizza even traditional?) Canadian bacon part of the equation. I substitute in pepperoni instead. So sue me. They're both pork products, and pepperoni is so much spicier. The Hawaiian connection is, of course, a nod to the president's home state. Related Italian Fiesta Pizzeria: The Obamas' Chicago Pizza Favorite, Reviewed Slice's Endorsements for Presidential Nominees (We called this thing from the beginning, folks)... More

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