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Daily Slice: Pizza Plus, Hell's Kitchen

I might never have set foot in Pizza Plus had it not been for the colorful topping-heavy creation called the Napolitana. The narrow twenty seat dining area in this no-frills pizzeria did not leave a lasting impression but radiant green, white, and red Napolitana ingredients drew me in. More

Daily Slice: Caprese Pizza from Uncle Mario's, NYC

The Caprese slice at Uncle Mario's in Hell's Kitchen is loaded with diced roma tomatoes and olive oil-soaked chopped basil. White marshmallow-like cubes of fresh mozzarella billow from every square inch of the pie. The thin grandma-style crust is a bit dense and crackery, but works well to support the piles of cheese and tomatoes (plus a savory cooked tomato sauce.) More

NBC Anchor Brian Williams Loves Sacco Pizza

[Photographs: Nick Solares] Slice'r heyandy just mentioned this on Nick's review of Sacco's, and I thought I'd highlight it here, for what it's worth: "I live around the corner on 54th Street and have eaten many a slice of Sacco's cheese pizza. I'm a bit of a foodie and prefer an older and reheated slice myself. This is Brian Williams/NBC news anchor's fave pizza." Which is backed up by this item in the New York Post this morning:... More

Sacco Pizza: A Classic New York Slice

Sacco Pizza 819 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10019; map); 212-582-7765 Pizza Style: New York–style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: A classic slice of New York City Price: Plain slices, $2.50, toppings add 75¢; plain pies, $14, toppings $2 each I enjoyed two classics Wednesday night. First I headed up to Terminal 5 and watched British ska revival band The Specials blaze through a set so awesome and moving that I had to choke back tears. I have been listening to and watching the band since 1979, when I, along with with anyone else with sense, was caught up... More

All of This Has Happened Before, and It Will All Happen Again

Today the blog Eater gets its knickers in a bunch about mac-and-cheese pizza, acting like the version at Pinch-S'mac is the first time New Yorkers have ever seen the stuff. In fact, we brought you word of a mac-and-cheese slice at Hell's Kitchen Pizza in October of last year: Hell's Kitchen Pizzeria 691 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (map) 212-765-8565... More

Mac-and-Cheese Pizza Available at Hell's Kitchen Pizza

Perhaps the most famous purveyor of the mac-and-cheese slice is Ian's Pizza, based in Madison, Wisconsin, but the (literally) cheesy idea has invaded NYC in some spots, including Hell's Kitchen Pizza on Tenth Avenue (47th/48th streets). The blog Lemondrop has a taste. Whether it's as good as Ian's is purported to be, only a expat Wisconsonite could tell us. We got one in the audience willing to give it a go? Email me. Hell's Kitchen Pizza: 691 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (map); 212-765-8565... More

Cheap-Slice Showdown: St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza vs. 99 Cent Fresh Pizza

From left: St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza, 542 Ninth Ave, New York NY 10018 (at West 40th Street; map). 99¢ Fresh Pizza, 569 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (at 41st Street; map). Click all photos for larger versions. These and all subsequent photos feature 2 Bros. on left and 99¢ on right. Fig. 1: A side-by-side comparison of St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza and 99¢ Fresh Pizza slices. Yesterday afternoon, Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch issued a challenge via blog and tweet. He claims he doesn't know much about pizza and wanted my opinion on the hot new... More

Howard Stern Sidekick Steve Grillo Opening Hell's Kitchen Pizza

From the New York Post's Page Six: Steve Grillo has transformed himself from Howard Stern's onetime sidekick to pizza poo bah, opening Hell's Kitchen Pizza at 47th Street and Tenth Avenue with partner Russ Brunelli. Their "Hellfire" pie features sausage, cherry peppers, and pepperoni. Grillo said he'd invite Stern, "but he doesn't eat pizza." Howard Stern doesn't eat pizza? Asshat.... More

Dear Slice: Pizza Variations from the Middle East and the South of France

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got some quick tips from Mark H. (aka famdoc). In the past week, I've had the opportunity to enjoy two fine variations on the concept of pizza. At Nizza, in the Theater District, I enjoyed a fine version of socca, a snack found commonly around the city of Nice in the South of France (also known as farinata in the region around Genoa in Italy), made with chickpea flour. Nizza: 630 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (b/n 44th and 45th; map); 212-956-1800 At Moustache in Lambertville, New Jersey, we had what... More

Openings: Lazzara's Pizza, Hell's Kitchen Location

View larger map Just got word from Scott Wiener on a new Lazzara's Pizza location in Hell's Kitchen (or Midtown West, if you're feeling generous): I just walked by some construction the other day and noticed that Lazzara's is opening a new spot on Ninth Avenue just south of 44th Street on the west side of the street. Not sure if they're leaving their other spot or just opening a second one. Permits were issued in July so it looks like we may have to wait a bit. Some easy checking on the Lazzara's website reveals that the Hell's Kitchen... More

Openings: Nizza

The New York Times's Peter Meehan on Nizza: It offers a wide variety of salads, pizzas that aren’t destination fare but are easy to scarf and a selection of main courses, the best of which — a fried lamb chop Milanese and a wild boar lasagna — are filling enough to get you through a four-act play. New Places: Nizza [NYT]... More

Mitchel London Pizza

Address: 456 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10018 (b/n 35th and 36th streets; map) Phone: 212-563-7741 The Skinny: Good mozzarella on the Margherita; careful balance of crust, sauce, and cheese; crust could stand some more salt and some more crispness. The Provençal seems to be a sort of Mitchel London specialty, and, with its interesting mix of fresh mozz, Gruyère cheese, and herbs de Provence, was our favorite pie on each of our visits. Cost: large Margherita, $13.95; small, $7.95. Large Provençal, $13.95; small, $7.95. Premium pies run $1 to $2 more. From left to right, top to bottom: Mitchel... More

Judging in the America's Plate Pizza Competition

The following events took place last Tuesday, March 6, at the Javits Center in Manhattan, during the New York Pizza Show. I was on hand to judge in PMQ magazine's America's Plate pizza competition. Contestants came from Canada, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and the U.S. I had wanted to live-blog the proceedings, but I experienced technical difficulties early in the day. So, here is the tape-delayed version of last week's events. 9:31 a.m.: I enter the Javits Center. It's my first time here. Lots of tall glass and concrete. Doesn't seem very inspiring for a building that in many... More

'The Gold Pizza'

Contestant No. 3: 'The Gold Pizza', blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Slice Just one of many pizzas I ate today at the New York Pizza Show. Sorry I didn't blog from it as promised. The Javits Center's wifi sucked and wouldn't let me on after I paid for access. Report coming ...... More

Any Good 24-Hour Pizza Joints in NYC?

Reader comment and response is still pouring in thanks to yesterday's New York Times story. So many great comments and recommendations. And questions. Reaching into the proverbial mailbag, we have ... Dear Slice, Do you know of any good late night or 24 hour pizza places in NYC? —Bilal Dear Bilal, Slice is a homebody, more prone to lying prone on the couch at night, remote in hand, watching Battlestar Galactica. But our favorite late-night (if not 24-hour) place is Vinny Vincenz. Great squares here. Sunday through Thursday till 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday till 4:30 a.m. Late enough for... More

Pizza Classes at Sullivan Street Bakery

Yo yo yo, New Yorkers. You might know Sullivan Street Bakery. You might know its delicious pizzas. You might not know how to make them. Oh, but things could be different. Things could be better. You could learn how to make them. How, you ask? Well, Sullivan Street is holding pizza-making classes, taught by bakery owner Jim Lahey. On the syllabus: Roman-style rectangular pizzas, as well as pizza bianca alla Romana, a six-foot flatbread seasoned with olive oil, coarse sea salt, and rosemary. The class is largely hands-on, with each student making dough and a pizza. SULLIVAN STREET BAKERY PIZZA... More

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