'Hell's Kitchen Pizza' on Serious Eats

All of This Has Happened Before, and It Will All Happen Again

Today the blog Eater gets its knickers in a bunch about mac-and-cheese pizza, acting like the version at Pinch-S'mac is the first time New Yorkers have ever seen the stuff. In fact, we brought you word of a mac-and-cheese slice at Hell's Kitchen Pizza in October of last year: Hell's Kitchen Pizzeria 691 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (map) 212-765-8565... More

Mac-and-Cheese Pizza Available at Hell's Kitchen Pizza

Perhaps the most famous purveyor of the mac-and-cheese slice is Ian's Pizza, based in Madison, Wisconsin, but the (literally) cheesy idea has invaded NYC in some spots, including Hell's Kitchen Pizza on Tenth Avenue (47th/48th streets). The blog Lemondrop has a taste. Whether it's as good as Ian's is purported to be, only a expat Wisconsonite could tell us. We got one in the audience willing to give it a go? Email me. Hell's Kitchen Pizza: 691 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (map); 212-765-8565... More

Howard Stern Sidekick Steve Grillo Opening Hell's Kitchen Pizza

From the New York Post's Page Six: Steve Grillo has transformed himself from Howard Stern's onetime sidekick to pizza poo bah, opening Hell's Kitchen Pizza at 47th Street and Tenth Avenue with partner Russ Brunelli. Their "Hellfire" pie features sausage, cherry peppers, and pepperoni. Grillo said he'd invite Stern, "but he doesn't eat pizza." Howard Stern doesn't eat pizza? Asshat.... More

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