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Poll: Are You Incorporating Pizza into Your Holiday Celebrations?

Adam Kuban 13 comments

I'm almost afraid to see the answers here. Who among the Slice community is incorporating pizza into their holiday celebrations? I guess ... a pizza Margherita is red, green, and white, so you're already halfway there — at least for Christmas. More

Video: Showbiz Pizza's Rock-afire Explosion Christmas Show

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Slice Gift Guide for Pizza Lovers

Maggie Hoffman 15 comments

If you're looking for a gift for a pizza lover, you've just hit the jackpot. Here are our top suggestions to please your favorite pizza devotees, from Slice-tested home pizzamaking tools to ingredients to books, as well as pizza experiences your loved one will never forget. More

Veterans Day

Adam Kuban 5 comments

From the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. [Photograph: JavierPsilocybin on Flickr] At airport after airport last week, I saw various members of our armed forces sitting at the gate before boarding, waiting for luggage at baggage claim, or cooling their heels outside the terminal. I felt guilty whenever I did. In the big scheme of things, I was traveling for a pretty frivolous reason, while they were either just going on leave or about to head back to duty. So on Veterans Day, I'd just like to pause and thank those men and women who have served,... More

Happy Fourth

Slice Dude 1 comment

Hola. Just wanted to say Happy Fourth of July! Spangledly, Slice Dude... More

Hanukkah Pie

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Look what Paulie Gee made. I think I only count six candles on this braised fennel menorah, but who's quibbling?... More

Five Years Ago on Slice

Adam Kuban 2 comments

A screen grab from the Slice archives: Five years ago to the date, if not the minute. I was just looking at past Thanksgiving posts on the site and found this one. The sentiment remains the same, if not the travel plans. I'm staying in New York this year but eating turkey nonetheless. Pizza is for after the holiday, when I'm sick of the bird.... More

I Am a Bit Corny, Don't You Think?

Slice Dude 8 comments

Check me out! I got a spiffy new costume for Halloween this year! Robyn Lee crafted it for me out of yellow pixels and orange pixels and white pixels. Pretty appropriate considering that today is National Candy Corn Day and all, doncha think? But I'm still not sure if I should go as Candy Corn Slice or Vampire Pumpkin Slice. What do you think?... More

Recipe: Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

Kerry Saretsky Post a comment

According to the California Pizza Kitchen Family Cookbook, this recipe is "pumpkin pie on a pizza crust." This little jack-o-lantern gives a new life to the phrase "pizza pie," and from one pizza and pie lover to another, why not? Cute for kids, playful for adults. It’s time for some face on your pie, instead of a pie in your face. And now you have the recipe to the famous CPK honey-wheat crust.... More

I <3 Pizza

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Once again, I'm trotting out the heart-shaped pizza (above) my friend Andy made for his wife. Poking around on Flickr, I found about 140 pics of cardiopies. Who knew!? After the jump, a few of my favorites.... More

Dear Slice: Christmas Pizza at Santacon

Adam Kuban 1 comment

This was rather early in the day; I have more pizza and Santa pix when the streets were thronged with (3,000!) Santas. However, I was shooting film today; the other rolls won't go in for a day or two. Deck the halls with mozzarella! Cheers, Barbara Dear Barbara, If you get those rolls processed and have some more good Santacon pix on it, feel free to send them in! This is great. Viva la Santacon! Hasta la pizza, Adam... More

Domino's Introduces Thanksgiving Feast Pizza

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 6 comments

Heh. Had you there for a minute, eh? Because, given the Oreo Dessert Pizza, the Crispy Melt, and all that, this Thanksgiving Feast Pizza mocked up by The Onion is not entirely implausible.... More

Thanks, Homeslices. It's Been Real

Slice Dude Post a comment

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I guess I'll have to turn this blog back over to Adam now that I'm back to my old self. Sorry if I pissed anyone off. I was just joshin' y'all. Pizza out, yo.... More

I Am Taking Over Slice ...

Slice Dude 2 comments

Cat-Shaped Pizza

Slice Dude Post a comment

OK. OK. Adam thinks I have been scaring you all too much, so he suggested I show you this pizza. It's in a similar ... vein (bwahahaha!) as the Yoda or Darth Vader pizzas but this pizza was made from a recipe in a book called Pizza Fun. It's just another way to costume your pizza, but again, it's not as cool as my vampire-pumpkin get-up! Photograph from hale_popoki on Flickr... More

Scary Pizza: 'Fear Factor' Slice With Worms and Fish Eyes

Slice Dude 1 comment

Hope you got yr barf bag ready, peeps, cuz I got the NASTIEST slice of pizza you could ever hope to run away from. It's a slice of pizza from a long-ago episode of Fear Factor and features a bile-based crust, cow-blood sauce, stinky cheese, and is topped with fish eyes and live worms. Yeeeech! Here is what Fear Factor contestant Shelby Smith had to say about eating it: Between all the coagulated blood and the cheese and the worms, I don't think I could even, at the time, differentiate what was in my mouth. I didn't even feel the... More

Gummy Pizza

Slice Dude Post a comment

This is the only pizza-themed candy that I've run across in my brief life. It does not taste like pizza. It tastes like ... ass. Well, what did you expect? I taste so much better. But you suckers out there can't even bite me.... More

Scary Pizza, for Chicagoans

Slice Dude 3 comments

You thought you were going to get off easy, Chicago? No way, man. We all know you hate the thin, crisp slices that typify the New York school of pizza. So I'm subjecting your Windy City eyes to your own version of hell: Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr Photograph from Transparent Reality on Flickr The Hellmouth, as far as Chicago pizza-lovers are concerned: Where it all started, folks. More or less. Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr More thin crusted horrors await you after the jump, my broad-shouldered friends. Bwahahaha!... More

Boo! More Scary Pizza for New Yorkers

Slice Dude 4 comments

I'm going to put another scare into New Yorkers. This time, I'm taking you through a horror show of Chicago deep-dish pizza.... More than Hawaiian-style, what Gothamites revile the most is deep dish. I'm gonna stuff your face in it, suckas. Buckle in, cats. It's gonna be a wild ride. Bwahahaha! Photograph from craigt_from_atl on Flickr For New York pizza lovers, this is the House of Horrors, indeed. From which all evil emanates: Photograph from voteprime on Flickr A gallery of fear follows ...... More

Scary Pizza: Boo! Quake in Fear and Revulsion, New Yorkers!

Slice Dude 2 comments

Now I will try something new. I am going to target my frightening posts at specific markets! This one is for New Yorkers who seem to universally revile the HAWAIIAN PIZZA! Bwahahahaha! Photograph from Katie Dickinson on Flickr Photograph from dmalewski on Flickr More horrors after the jump! Bwaahahahah!... More

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