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Home Slice: Frozen Pizza-Style Pizza

Frozen Pizza Adam Kuban 18 comments

Hola, homeslices. When I last rapped at ya, I extolled the virtues of Totino's/Jeno's frozen pizzas. Some of you agreed. Some of you were like, "Ew, nasty" (even though I TOLD you not to argue with me). And some comments stuck with me weeks later. Like when Kdroste mentioned the "pepperoni nubbins." More

Home Slice: Making Spaghetti Pizza

Home Slice Adam Kuban 33 comments

Last week Kenji wrote about the spaghetti-topped pizza at Farina's in Grapevine, Texas. He made a pretty good case for the stuff and then baited me to try to Home Slice up a version of it. Baiters gonna bait. More

Home Slice: How to Make a Pizza Burrito

Home Slice Adam Kuban 60 comments

Risotto is versatile when it comes to riffing on flavors. So I decided to use tomato sauce as the cooking liquid and then stuff the thing otherwise with Parmesan, mozzarella, red sauce, and basil. More

Home Slice: Aligot and Bacon Pizza with Fried Potato Peels

Home Slice Adam Kuban 20 comments

In this edition of Home Slice, I get all fancy with aligot, a French version of mashed potatoes with TWO TYPES OF CHEESE all melted in. C'est magnifique! And, oh, AVEC BACON! More

Home Slice: 'Pizza Within a Pizza'

Home Slice Adam Kuban 26 comments

Pizza within a freakin' pizza?!? Mama D, you have spoken to me from the past with an idea that was almost 20 years ahead of its time. After all, it wasn't until 1994 that Pizza Hut got around to stuffing its crust. More

Hey, Pizza Joints, Why You Gotta Bust My Meatballs?

Home Slice Adam Kuban 49 comments

I have two separate issues with meatballs on pizza. One is that they're often sliced. The fun of a meatball is that it's, you know, A BALL. Once you slice it, it becomes SLICED MEAT TOPPING. And SLICED MEAT TOPPING sounds like something on the menu of a second-rate pizza chain. More

1,000 Passions' 'Making Pizza with Paulie Gee' Experience

Home Slice Adam Kuban 25 comments

Yes, that's me in this photo in a role reversal of sorts. I'm usually on the eating side of the pizza equation (at least when I'm not at home). But when Slice/SE offered me the chance to possibly make pizza at Paulie Gee's in a private, pre-opening session, I was so there. More

The Great Tupper Lake Pizza Party of 2012

Adam Kuban 41 comments

So, this happened. On Friday, I met up with dhorst, dmcavanagh, Tupper Cooks!, and Aya Kristen Alt for what I'm calling the Great Tupper Lake Pizza Party of 2012. More

Home Slice: All-Edge Sicilian Pan Pizza (with a Nod to Detroit)

Home Slice Adam Kuban 66 comments

You've seen the all-edge brownie pan, right? The first time I saw it, one thought popped into my twisted mind: "Forget brownies. Hello, pizza!" After all, on a square pizza, be it Sicilian or grandma or Detroit-style, the corner is king followed closely by the edge. (And the center's just for jokers.) More

Home Slice: Making Deep-Fried Garlic Knots

Adam Kuban 26 comments

You know sometimes when you see something and you're like, WHOA, why didn't I think of that before?!? That happened when I saw this photo of the "pizza knots" at NYC sandwich shop Parm. These suckers are DEEP-FRIED. Like a mashup between garlic knots and that other old-school pizzeria staple, zeppole. More

Oh, No! SpaghettiOs Pizza

Home Slice Adam Kuban 59 comments

Where the heck did SpaghettiOs pizza (with meatballs) come from? What sick mind would birth this idea? Click on through to the other side for Adam Kuban's latest installment of Home Slice and find out. More

Home Slice: Pizza-Flavored Thanksgiving Stuffing

Home Slice Adam Kuban 19 comments

From the earliest days of Slice, I've urged you pizza freaks to forgo the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff on Thanksgiving in favor of gobbling the gobbler. But I know some of you are diehards, so here's a way to sneak our erstwhile favorite dish into the Turkey Day festivities: Garlic Knot and Sausage Stuffing. Yes, it's pizza-flavored stuffing for Thanksgiving. More

Home Slice: Things I Learned from the Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party

Home Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

"Any tips, observations, or things you'd change about your recipe, workflow, baking, serving, etc, to pass along after making eight or nine consecutive pies in a home oven for a crowd?" —jimmyg in the comments of "The Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party" post

Your answers, right this way.


Home Slice: The Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party

Home Slice Adam Kuban 23 comments

You know how there used to be this frequently used plot line in '90s sitcoms and dramas — the charity auction where some guy puts himself up as the "prize"? I got myself into something like that in early June, when I volunteered my home-pizza-making services as a "prize" for the Slice Out Hunger raffle bin. More

Home Slice: Making Homemade Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Home Slice Adam Kuban 37 comments

Even the most diehard haters among you have to admit that a crust stuffed with cheese is pretty brilliant. No? Don't lie to me, people. I can see into your greasy souls. It's bread. Stuffed with cheese. Attached to PIZZA. You can grumble about execution, ingredients, flavor, etc., etc., but you've gotta admit that the idea itself is awesome. So what if we were to try to make it at home? More

Tempuroni. Yes, That's Tempura + Pepperoni

Home Slice Adam Kuban 38 comments

Most men, when their wives go out for drinks with a friend after work, might instantly call up their buds and have a bro night — drinkin' beer, shootin' the shit, etc. Me, I saw it as a rare opportunity to get up to something Girl Slice would NEVER approve of in a million years were it a regular night around Casa di Kubs. I call that something TEMPURONI. More

Home Slice: OH at My Kitchen Table ... 'What's Burning?'

Home Slice Adam Kuban 23 comments

20110628-calzone-fail-above.jpg You know, when I sat and watched Luis Aguilar of Pizzetteria Brunetti make me an amazing calzone last month, I noted how he cut a couple slits in the top. So why in the hell did I ignore my better judgment and not do the same last night? Heck, I even notched the edges of my calzone with the tines of a fork, just as I saw Mr. Aguilar do.

Garrrrgh! I had one extra dough portion left over from Pizza Night, and I was so looking forward to having a homemade calzone for lunch tomorrow. Instead, I got this:


The Ultimate Cheeseburger Pizza and How NOT to Make It

Home Slice Adam Kuban 48 comments

See, I love cheeseburgers and I LOVE pizza.* Why not mix the best elements of both while paying very, very careful attention to quality and detail? All the chain pizzerias that have failed in this quest just haven't been careful enough, I thought. More

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