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Nothing To Fear: Totonno's Is Still Using Their Original Coal Oven

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 9 comments

Contrary to recent news coverage, Totonno's did not have to replace their oven following last fall's hurricane damages. Read what co-owner Antoinette Balazano has to say on the matter. More

Totonno's is Officially Back in Business!

Slice: New York Niki Achitoff-Gray 6 comments

Yesterday, Totonno's opened its doors once again. It's not every restaurant—or family—that would display the kind of resilience that we've seen from this iconic Coney Island pizzeria. And we cannot wait to get our fix. More

Checking In on Totonno's: Chef Daniel Patterson of Coi to Donate $5,000 to Brooklyn Pizza

Chris E. Crowley 6 comments

Back in early December, chef Daniel Patterson organized a fundraising dinner at Coi, one of his San Francisco restaurants, to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. A portion of the proceeds were to be reserved for the acclaimed Brooklyn restaurant Governor. Last week, Governor's owners announced that it will not be reopening. Now Patterson will be rerouting the $5,000 raised for Governor to another New York food business in need: Brooklyn institution Totonno's. More

Checking In On Our Church of Pizza: Is Totonno's In Danger of Closing?

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 12 comments

Since filing our first report on the recovery effort at Totonno's, we've been checking in with owners Cookie Cimineri and Antoinette Balzano on a regular basis. Three months after Sandy, the family is now struggling to acquire the loans necessary to reopen the pizzeria. More

Restoring Our Church of Pizza: The Rebuilding and Repairing of Totonno's After Hurricane Sandy

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 10 comments

For so many of New York's food businesses that were the worst hit by the hurricane, the initial losses have been amplified by a prolonged struggle to move forward. The song remains the same at Totonno's. More

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