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My Pie Monday: Square Pizza, Liederkranz Cheese, Meatball Slider Pizza, and More!

My Pie Monday Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

On the menu today: a Sicilian-style pie from ESNY1077, an arugula-topped pizza from ForzaPizza, TupperCook's stuffed pizza, and some serious meatballs on Amusebouche1's pie. Plus great looking homemade pizza from Norma427, IDreamofPizza, Mediocrepop, BiereBeer, and Adam Kuban. More

Pizza Obsessives: Jason Feirman of 'I Dream of Pizza'

Adam Kuban 4 comments

There seems to be a lot of pizza bloggers out there, and there are, but it's a small, mad, pizza-crazy world, as you'd imagine. Here's our friend Jason Feirman of I Dream of Pizza. Sit down in the hot seat, Jason! More

My Pie Monday: Spicy Cranberries, Nacho Pizza, Wild Sheep Sorrel and More!

My Pie Monday Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

This week's My Pie Monday is a doozy...we've got a pie from Scott Wiener topped with foraged ingredients from Central Park, a gorgeous skillet-broiler pie from Aya Kristen Alt, a look at dhorst's sourdough pizzas (with a bonus peek at what she's doing with her starter.) And that's just the beginning: thearrogantchef shares a nacho pizza, Jerry Young went Sicilian, and Norma made a Jim Lahey-inspired zucchini-topped pizza. Check out the slideshow for all these and more hunger-inducing homemade pizzas from TScarborough, I Dream of Pizza, Patrick B, Scott D, dmcavanagh, olsonmatt, and Carmine P. More

NYT on the Rise of the NYC Dollar Slice

Adam Kuban 6 comments


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

The New York Times's Manny Fernandez does a piece on the dollar slice uprising in NYC:

"I don't think a drunk college student cares about whether there's San Marzano tomatoes on their slice," Jason Feirman, 25, who writes a pizza blog called I Dream of Pizza, said of the $1 pizza trend. "It's a good business model. They're not catering to food blogs. The idea is to turn out these pizzas as fast as they can."

They talked to me, too, but I sound like a Grade A moron. My own fault. Mr. Fernandez simply quoted me talking about the "hole structure" of 99¢ pizza.

Yeah, I know, right? Tool Academy, are you accepting applications for the spring semester?


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