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Daily Slice: EldsmiĆ°jan in Reykjavik, Iceland

Last weekend I ventured to Iceland, hoping to see the Northern Lights. On the first night I was there, the sky was overcast, so I stayed in town and decided to see what sort of pizza options were available. Usually when I travel, I try to sample as many traditional local foods as possible, and clearly pizza does not fall under this category in Iceland. Still, I had sampled delicious lobster soup and a malt extract beverage at Saegreifin for lunch, and I was curious about what sort of pizza one eats in Reykjavik. More

Iceland to Lose Two-Thirds of Its Pizza Huts

Yes, Pizza Hut is pulling 66 percent of its pizza hut locations from Iceland after the island nation's catastrophic economic collapse in late 2008. In this case, that would mean Pizza Hut is closing two locations in Iceland, leaving open a single restaurant in a shopping mall near Reykjavik. People just weren't eating enough pizza to carry the extra locations, Hut officials said. According to the Reuters story on the pull-out, "a basic Pizza Hut pie with cheese sells for the equivalent of about $17 in Iceland."... More

Reykjavik Pizza Company; Reykjavik, Iceland

Editor's note: A few weeks ago, I got the following email from Mark H. (aka Famdoc), who's written some reviews (here and here) for us in the past. He tipped us to the following. Buon appetito! —Adam Reykjavik Pies: Talk about frozen pizza. Recently got back from a two-week trip to Europe, finishing off with two and a half days in Iceland, thanks to Icelandair's fares allowing a free stopover en route to or returning from its European destinations. We spent a day and a half in Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik. Not really thinking about pizza, I passed by two... More

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