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The United States of Pizza: Iowa

It's time to give you a taste of Iowa's pizza options. The Hawkeye State has a wealth of pizzerias, many of which have been around for generations. College town pizza joints abound, some where the atmosphere is more memorable than the slices, but artisan pies are also being made in Des Moines (and Decorah). Be warned: it's a land of rather creative pizza toppings. Half-taco, half sauerkraut pie, anyone? More

Wig & Pen Offers an Iowa City Twist to Stuffed Pizza

Serious Eats contributor Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in Iowa City. —The Mgmt. Wig and Pen Pizza Pub 1220 Hwy 6 West, Coralville, IA 52241 (map); 319-354-2767; wigandpeneast.com Pizza Style: Thin crust, stuffed and Flying Tomato Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: The Flying Tomato is short on tomato, but will still appeal to those who like mozzarella in very large quantities Price: Large Flying Tomato with one topping, $24.35. On my way back to Chicago from Omaha a little over a week ago, I took a break... More

National Coal-Oven Pizzeria Map Now Posted

I've been workin' in the coal mine, digging up some more coal-oven pizzerias to bring you. Although New York City and New Haven, Connecticut, are two of the most famous coal-oven towns, did you know there are coal joints in Florida; Philly; Chicago; Des Moines, Iowa; Dallas; and Scottsdale, Arizona? They're all on the Slice National Coal-Oven Pizza Map.... More

Pizza Crust Made From Cheese

In a strange turn of events, a Des Moines, Iowa, radio personality reportedly has invented no-dough pizzas, an idea spawned from a lawn-mowing accident. The Des Moines Register said WHO's Van Harden came up with the idea of making his pizza crusts from a cheese base after losing his desire for bread. Mmm, cheese. You could conceivably make it a trifecta if you used a cheese-based sauce. Way to go, Van! Lawn-mowing accident leads to new pizza [UPI] Van invents a 100% cheese crust pizza [VanHarden.com]... More

What Kind of Pie Do They Mean?

Today's Boston Globe is examining the lesser-known qualities of contenders for the Democratic nomination for president next year: "Like the candidate, Gephardt's campaign lacks bells and whistles. There is none of the innovation or razzle-dazzle of Dean's campaign. That's unless you count The Great Gephardt Iowa Pie Challenge link on his campaign website. There, visitors are invited to 'tell Dick where you think he should go for his next slice?of pie.' "The subject earns snickers from journalists, but the locals, like a standing-room-only crowd at Mabe's Pizza in Decorah, smile when Gephardt, who has been known to make three pie stops... More

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