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Cool Video: The BBC Goes Inside a Frozen-Pizza Factory in Ireland

The BBC has a fascinating video inside a frozen pizza factory in Naas, Ireland. It's amazing how few people are needed to run the place, which turns out 2 million pizzas a week. It's all very Laverne & Shirley intro, minus the wacky charm of human beings. When the pizza "bases" are topped with to-mah-to sauce, it'll sort of remind you of the Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop. And the pepperoni stick machine--looks sort of like some octomonster has been caught in a trap. [via Tien Mao]... More

Dear Slice: Pizza in Ireland

Or, 'Irish Pies Are Smiling' I received this intel quite a while back. I'm not even going to say when. Suffice it to say that the gatherer of said intel, science fiction author Diane Duane, emailed me recently to nudge me to publish it. (Apart from sci-fi, fantasy, and TV and film scripts, Diane also writes about food at European Cuisines.) Here it is, Diane, and thanks for the report on one sliver of the Irish pizza scene. —The Mgmt. A red-onion-and-pepperoni pie at Gotham Cafe in Dublin. First, a note from a native (though rather displaced) Manhattanite: Love your... More

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