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Rampage at Isabella's Oven

Eater After Isabella's Oven announced that it would close (but possibly reopen in another location), Curbed brought word that someone there had taken a sledgehammer to the joint following a dispute with the landlord. Now, Eater has pix of the aftermath—and it's not pretty. The space is now utterly unusable as-is—though it looks like at least the foundation of pizza oven is still intact (you can see it in the photo above in the upper right-hand corner). There's probably not much hope in using the location as a pizzeria again, as there was virtually no room for seating inside.... More

Closing (But Possibly Reopening): Isabella's Oven

Eater Isabella's Oven, which started out amazing but then went to merely good with the loss of its original pizzaiolo, is "closed until further notice" while the owners search for a new location. The sign posted in the window there projects a spring 2009 reopening date. Eater has some more details. Related Isabella's Oven: One Great Pizza on a Saturday Night Isabella's Oven: Going Downhill? Isabella's Oven: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By... More

DJ Bubbles Wishes You a Happy New Year

Isabella's Oven, 365 Grand Street, New York NY 10002 (near Essex Street; map); 212-529-5206 It's been a while since the Bubbster has had much to say about anything on this fair weblog. I've been astray for some time now, but I've found my way home. Although, I must say, it doesn't feel much like home in recent weeks. Isabella's Oven causing such an uproar on the site because of a recent dip in quality certainly isn't music to my ears. And who wants to respond to comments in CAPS from Jeff B when he suggests that Two Boots is... More

Isabella's Oven: Going Downhill

Update (1/28/2009): Isabella's Oven Closed Until Further Notice Memo to Jeff B.: DUDE. Chill the frak out. We get the point. You think Isabella's Oven sucks. Did we need the drive-by on every post about the place? That said, you bring up a good point. Here's the deal ...... More

A Saturday Pizza Tour

From left: A Di Fara half-plain, half-artichoke pie; pizza-makers at Franny's; an Isabella's Oven Margherita D.O.C.; Una Pizza Napoletana's marinara pie. Last year around this time Slice/Serious Eats contributed to Pim Techamuanvivit's Menu for Hope charity raffle. Our giveaway was a guided pizza tour for four. Well, the winners—Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek of Montreal food blog An Endless Banquet—finally made us make good on our prize. (It took them almost a year because they live in Montreal and I secretly think they were waiting for the loonie to beat the dollar before making a trip to the U.S.)... More

Isabella's Oven, The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Update (1/28/2009): Isabella's Oven Closed Until Further Notice Ladies and gents, the always opinionated DJ Bubbles has checked in once again. Because I never know when he's going to strike, I'd been unofficially calling his stunning dispatches "drive-bys." Now I'm formalizing it. Here's the DJ Bubbles Drive-By on Isabella's Oven. It's a must-read, so do click through the jump. —Adam Words by DJ Bubbles | It has been said before that having a great meal can be a transcendent experience. When someone has poured all his soul, energy, and being into something so divine, you can taste it in every... More

Isabella's Oven: One Great Pizza on a Saturday Night

Update (1/28/2009): Isabella's Oven Closed Until Further Notice photographs courtesy Isabella's Oven I had a truly great pizza in a new pizza place on Saturday, and though I'm not going to tell you that I have seen pizza's future and its name is Isabella's Oven, the way Jon Landau did a zillion years ago when he saw Springsteen live and declared that he had seen rock and roll's future, I will say I had a pie that would easily make a New York City top ten list and maybe a national one as well. Now in New York, when you... More

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