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All You Need to Know About Pizza in Jerusalem

So you're visiting the Holy Land, huh? First thing you're gonna do is grab a slice, right? Of course you are—you're a Slice reader, after all. Well, if you need to know where the best places are, Jerusalemite runs through six of 'em. The best? Big Apple Pizza, wouldn't ya know? At first glance, it appears that someone did a lot of shopping at one of the myriad of tschoky stores that litter Times Square. New York license plates and Statue of Liberty figurines ordain the walls and countertops. Back in they day they used to blast recordings of... More

Pizza Site in Hebrew!

Dear Slice, My name is Oded. Me and a friend started a new pizza site in Hebrew at www.pizzanet.co.il. The site features all sort of funky Pizza information such as the history of the pizza, trivia, famous pizza related quotes, recipes etc. The site is entirely in Hebrew, except for a new English index we just added (we are working on translating the content to English). We are without a doubt the biggest informational site about Pizza in Hebrew. —Oded Dear Oded, I'm going to have to trust you that all the triva, recipes, funky pizza info, etc., exists... More

Milk, Honey, Pizza

GREEN DOOR PIZZA Location: The Muslim Quarter, Jerusalem. Getting There: From the Damascus Gate, make the first left off El Wad. Telephone: 02-627-6171 Hours: Fluctuates depending on business. On busy days -- en Shala, Mr. Ali says (Arabic for "G-d willing") -- 7 a.m. to midnight. On slow days, he closes as early as 6 p.m. Do the time warp: Abu Ali greets visitors to Green Door Pizza from his "pizza pit." After cooking an egg-and-cheese pizza, Mr. Ali coats it with uncooked tomatoes just before serving it. WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY SELTZERBOY .::. Let's say you've just traveled 5,600... More

But Is It Kosher?

Israelis in Tel Aviv have cooked what they hope is the world's longest pizza. Channel News Asia reports, "The labour of love included 30 hours of work, 25 cooks, 150 kilos of dough, 50 litres of tomato sauce, 60 kilos of green olives, and 80 kilos of mozzarella cheese." Palestinian spokesmen vowed to retaliate with an even longer pizza.... More

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