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My Pie Monday: Margherita, Shaved Asparagus, Duck Prosciutto, and More!

It's a great Monday for pizzas from Slice'rs all around the country! We've got a few gorgeous Margherita pies this week on My Pie Monday, as well as a bunch of creative toppings from the likes of JH Ford, thezaman, Eric F., Steve L., Robopizza29, Jessica M., Kasey, and Pete L. Check out the slideshow to see the delicious homemade pies that Slice'rs ate this week. These shots will definitely get your stomach rumbling. Do you make pizza at home? Want to submit your pies for next week? Here's how.... More

My Pie Monday: JH Ford's Focaccia Pizza

[Photographs: JH Ford] JH Ford, back in the house! I've already had a couple of pizzas featured on My Pie Monday, but after seeing ESNY1077's focaccia pizza, I couldn't resist sending this. It's a Sicilianesque pizza inasmuch as it's a thick pan pie, but I've got the cheese on top of this one. I did a quick two-hour rise using a little sugar to feed the yeast, then I punched it down and stretched the dough into an oiled 9-by-13-inch pan.... More

My Pie Monday: JH Ford's Motorino-Inspired Pizza

[Photograph: JH Ford] Slice'r JH Ford is no stranger to My Pie Monday. This week he documented a pie he made with a particularly awesome pizza hack: Adam/Aaron,Attached, you'll find my second submission to My Pie Monday. This one is a completely Slice-inspired pizza. I used the brussels sprouts and pancetta recipe from the Top This column and I nicked Foolishpoolish's pizza stone under the broiler method. As a matter of fact, I purchased a second stone and cut it (I have the technology) to fill the gap in my top oven rack left by the single stone. Now... More

My Pie Monday (Tuesday Edition): JH Ford's Twice-Cooked Spanish Pizza

Another MPM (Tuesday Edition) entry. --The Mgmt. Slice'r JH Ford sent this one in last week, saying: After fighting extensively with the 800 degree clean cycle oven hack in an attempt to produce ultra-orthodox Neapolitan pies, I decided to let the equipment that I have dictate the style of pizza I make. What I came up with is a hybrid grilled/broiled pizza that's similar to a New York or New Haven (depending on how thick I make the crust) coal oven pie with the smokiness factor cranked up about 50 percent. The lack of radiant heat from above in my... More

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