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Jeff Varasano on Baking, Branding, and the Business of Pizza (Part 2)

Last time, internet pizza legend (and creator of the most famous pizza recipe in the world) Jeff Varasano talked about the challenges of opening a pizzeria and why he's stayed out of the spotlight the last few years. Today, he goes in depth on the power of a brand like Chic-Fil-A, the challenge of finding great employees, and why having great pizza doesn't always matter. More

Jeff Varasano on Baking, Branding, and the Business of Pizza (Part 1)

Jeff Varasano's pizza recipe went viral in the mid-2000's, and he opened up his own shop in Atlanta a few years later to critical acclaim. Then he went quiet...and we decided to find out why. Varasano had a very candid chat with us about his victories, his setbacks, his big plans coming down the pipe, and his newest location: the airport in Atlanta. If you ever wanted to open a pizzeria (or any a business), this is must-read stuff. More

Openings: Varasano's Pizzeria, Atlanta

Jeff Varasano hosting a pizza party at home. He moves from his own kitchen to the kitchen of his own pizzeria, Varasano's, tomorrow. There are more notable pizzeria openings this week than you can shake a stick at. Next up: Varasano's Pizzeria in Atlanta. Some sources reported it as opening today, but according to owner Jeff Varasano's Facebook profile, his new and highly anticipated pizzeria opens tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25. Pull out your viral-web microscopes and take a walk with me down memory lane. Prior to August 2006, Jeff Varasano was just going about his business in relative obscurity,... More

Jeff Varasano in the 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution'

One of Jeff Varasano's homemade pizzas. "One of my best-tasting pies ever," he writes on Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe. When it rains, it pours. Jeff Varasano's hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, runs a profile on him today. This, in addition to the one the New York Times ran as well. The AJC's piece has further insight into Jeff's character, painting him as a bit of a wonky engineer and pizza visionary: To understand the Varasano mind and its approach to problem solving, it helps to know a couple of things:> One: At the age of 14,... More

Jeff Varasano, of Patsy's Reverse-Engineer Fame, Profiled in the 'New York Times'

How cool is this? In September 2006, Jeff Varasano's Pizza Page blew up like mad when Boing Boing and all the other biggies linked to it. You see, Varasano announced on his page that he was finally satisfied with his at-home Patsy's clone. Well, the New York Times finally noticed—took 'em two years—and runs a great profile on Jeff. It's full of charming anecdotes about his travails while cooking with an oven modified to bake pizza during the self-clean cycle: In the steel floor of the lower oven, there is a jagged, dime-size hole, made when an errant piece of... More

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