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My Pie Monday: The Wackiest Pies of 2011

This week's My Pie Monday is a special edition featuring some of the craziest pies that your fellow Slice'rs created in 2011. The pies that arrive in the Slice mailbox each week are a source of constant inspiration. There's a lot of personality that comes through in the various styles and toppings. Here we have some of the wackiest ones to pass through the galleries this year! We'll be back to our regular MPM schedule as of next week. Look for any pies submitted between the 16th and 29th of December to appear in a deluxe New Year's post then.... More

My Pie Monday: McRib, Pepperpeener, Mike's Hot Honey, and More!

It may be getting cooler in your neck of the woods, but things continue to heat up with this week's My Pie Monday. Literally, spice and heat are finding their way onto a lot of pies this time around. Mike's Hot Honey is getting all kinds of love, and rightfully so! That hot nectar got worked into Nick and KK's dough and was also applied as a topping by olsonmatt. The jalapeƱo and pepperoni combo was also a popular duo that landed on pies by TXCraig1 and Tdough. And even those that weren't spicy, were still pretty hot. Take Norma's Nancy Silverton pizza or Jimmyg's pie made with the same flour used by the great Bonci. In addition, there are some fierce egg-topped pies; of the land and sea variety from amusebouche1 and accompanied with homemade bacon and hen of the woods mushrooms from Shimpiphany. I can't speak with experience on the spice factor here, but the McRib from JeffS is sure to spark some interest. And you know what they say that there can't be smoke without fire? Well, we've got that covered with the smoky cheese pie from Dhorst. More

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