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Dear Slice: 'Honing My Pizza Skills'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 2 comments

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... an email that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy and greasy inside! Dear Slice, I had my parents and older sister out for a visit this last week. I had been honing my pizza-making skills over the last few months in preparation for the visit, focusing on using the Kenji broiler technique. I considered making pizza for my family a "pizza lab practical" of sorts, and I passed with flying colors. I would venture to say that the five pies I produced were the best I've ever made — they... More

My Pie Monday: Microscopes, Broiler Issues, and More

My Pie Monday Adam Kuban 24 comments

Oh, boy. A ton of great My Pie Monday submissions this week and lots of great inspiration from the likes of ESNY1077, hmw0029 (an unconventional MPM but super awesome; see above!), Pizzablogger, Pizzasnob, Marisa R., Kevin B., dhorst, Dave Martin, climbhighak, and James S. Check out the slideshow above and see if it introduces you to your brand new favorite pizza! More

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