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LaGuardia: Tagliare, Dom DeMarco Jr.'s Airport Pizzeria

Tagliare Cibo Express Gourmet Food Hall, Delta Terminal (Terminal D), LaGuardia Pizza Style: New York Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: An interpretation of the wildly popular Di Fara pizza by Dominick DeMarco's son may disappoint if you are looking for an exact clone. Otherwise it serves a very good classic New York slice, especially for an airport Price: Slice, $5 Notes: Available only to ticketed passengers at Terminal D Let's get this out of the way: Tagliare is not Di Fara. It is not an offshoot of Di Fara. You will not see Dom DeMarco doting over each pie... More

Dear Slice: Tagliare at LaGuardia

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... I travel in and out of NYC via LaGuardia and Delta. After reading that the pizza was going to be upgraded from tasteless Sbarro's to an off shoot of Di Fara, I was looking forward to my next rip into LGA.My first pizza was about 50 years ago on Ave J in Brooklyn at what I believe was Di Fara or the precursor to Di Fara at the very same location. I can still remember the taste of pizza on a cold winter's day as well as ending up with "pizza... More

LaGuardia: Joey's, U.S. Airways Terminal C

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] The big news in LaGuardia-based pizza, of course, is that Dom DeMarco Jr. has opened a Di Fara–inspired pizzeria, Tagliare, in the Delta Air Lines terminal. I am not in the Delta terminal, where the pizza options are so promising. Instead, I took one for the team and sampled Joey's Pizza in the U.S. Airways Terminal.... More

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