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New York Quintessentials: 12 Classic Pizza Joints You Should Know

New York has long been regarded as a, if not the, pizza Mecca. But these days, many of our city's most highly publicized pizzerias share increasingly less with the slice joints and classic pie shops that engendered that reputation in the first place. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a first-time visitor, here are 12 old-school pizzerias you should definitely know. More

Papa's Tomato Pies Vies with Lombardi's for Title of Oldest Pizzeria in America

The kinks in America's Pizza Timeline start pretty much at the beginning. Most recently, Papa's Tomato Pies in Trenton, NJ has laid claim to the title of oldest pizzeria in America—long held by Lombardi's in New York. The claim is based on the fact that Lombardi's closed for a decade and therefore can no longer call themselves the oldest. So maybe Papa's should just go for the title of "oldest continuously operated pizzeria in America"? More

NYC Pizza Cultural Literacy

Here's the tweet that inspired this post:

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Yes, @alexandrak, such a post does exist, and if your boyfriend finds what I'm about to write all TL;DR, he can check it out: The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC » That's a solid list, no doubt. And if his NYC pizza research stops there, I'm sure he'd be happy. But I think simply dropping a best-of list on a New York newbie does him a bit of a disservice. After all, he's moving to a pizza mecca. I think a little context is in order.


NYC Quintessential: Lombardi's Coal-Oven Pizza

I'll just say it: Lombardi's is kind of a big tourist thing. After having been hyped in countless national newspaper and magazine stories, guidebooks, and travel shows, this "first pizzeria in America" is pretty much packed any night of the week with people more likely to hail from Manhattan, Kansas, than Manhattan Manhattan. (OK, that's probably an exaggeration, but poetic license, you know?) More

Dear Slice: 'Barring Di Fara, Where Should I Go for Pizza on My NYC Visit?'

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, another question regarding an upcoming NYC pizza itinerary. I love these questions! --The Mgmt. Adam and the Slice Crew,I will be making my first visit to New York City in a few weeks, and I don't think it would be a proper visit if I left without trying some New York pizza. With that said, I have looked over your reviews and suggestions in the past, and with my limited time and rather packed schedule I just don't think I will be able to make Di Fara work with its seemingly rather high... More

Where to Get Clam Pizza in NYC

Photograph from "Boppadopoulos" on Flickr New York magazine gives a rundown on where to get clam pizza in New York City: Franny's: 295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (b/n Prospect and St. Marks; map); 718-230-0221; frannysbrooklyn.comBussaco: 833 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (near Seventh Avenue; map); 718-857-8828Lombardi's: 32 Spring Street, New York NY 10012 (near Mott Street; map); 212-941-7994; firstpizza.comOtto: 1 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10003 (corner of 8th Street; map); 212-995-9559; ottopizzeria.comFornino: 187 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (at North 7th Street; map); 718-384-6004South Brooklyn Pizza: 451 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (near 4th Place; map); 718-852-6018... More

Coal-Oven Pizzerias in New York City

Adam, Any idea just how many pizza ovens in NYC are heated with coal? Mahalo, E.J.F. Dear E.J.F., I know you've emailed a couple times about this, and my apologies for the delayed response—things have been busy at the Slice–Serious Eats office. Anyway, off the top of my head, here are all the ones I can think of. Readers, if I've forgotten any, do let me know in the comments. Hasta la pizza, Adam... More

From the Mailbag: 'The Definitive Top 10 List'

An interesting item hit the Slice inbox yesterday. OK guys, put this in your pie and smoke it! A couple of caveats: The list isn't quite as definitive as it claims to be, as it is missing any critical analysis of Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx joints. When you guys post this on the site (front page, please), perhaps you may want to refer to it as "The Definitive Manhattan and Brooklyn Top 10 List." We've all been to these places enough times to know what's going on and who's coming with their A game and who isn't. Seltzerboy, as... More

TV Tonight: Pizza on 'American Eats'

AMERICAN EATS The History Channel 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 9 p.m. Central Order a pizza in and get ready to watch. Or set the TiVo and go out for a pie. From the "New York Times": The migration of pizza westward — from southern Italy to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles — is the story of mutation, innovation, perversion. And in spite of the documentary's wonderfully nonjudgmental narration, viewers will find it hard not to take sides. Midwestern deep-dish types tend to see coastal pies as too wan or too fancy. Californians like their Spago-era artworks all fusioned and deluxe; I... More

Former Deliverymen Sue Lombardi's

WORKERS ALLEGE UNPAID WAGES; SEEK DAMAGES, INTEREST DUE A Slice source forwarded us this docket (above), which details a lawsuit brought against Lombardi's on April 5 by seven former pizza deliverymen. The plaintiffs allege the pizzeria owes them unpaid wages and are seeking damages and interest due. The suit claims that the pizzeria never paid the plaintiffs the Federal minimum wage, instead paying "$20 shift — resulting in an hourly rate ranging from approximately $2.86 an hour to approximately $3.05 an hour." (The Federal Minimum Wage as of September 1, 1997, is $5.15 an hour.) Moreover, the lawsuit claims that... More

Heath Ledger Spotted at Lombardi's

Heath Ledger. 3/29/2006. Lombardi’s Pizza. 32 Spring St. 8pm. Sat down with 2 friends, in the booth right next to me. No Michelle and baby Matilda. Ordered a sausage pizza. Looks like he likes the sausage, not just in the movies. (I’m sorry, bad joke). [Gawker Stalker]... More

A Slice of Heaven: American Pizza Timeline

Here's the American Pizzeria Timeline, which includes only two non–Pizza Belt entries, Tommaso's and Uno's: 1905: Lombardi's, on Spring Street in New York City, is granted the nation's first license to sell pizza. 1910: Joe's Tomato Pies opens in the Trenton, New Jersey, Chambersburg neighborhood. 1912: Papa's Tomato Pies in Trenton opened by Papa, who learned his trade at Joe's. 1924: Anthony (Totonno) Pero leaves Lombardi's and opens Totonno's in Coney Island, New York. 1925: Frank Pepe opens on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut.... More

A Slice of Heaven: The Pizza Belt

You've heard of the corn belt and the rust belt. But what about the Pizza Belt, the part of America that gave birth to what Jeffrey Steingarten calls Neapolitan-American pizza. The Pizza Belt starts in Philadelphia and runs through Trenton and the rest of New Jersey. It extends throughout New York, Long Island, and New Haven and ends in Boston. Think of it as the Interstate 95 belt, with a few detours along the way. It was in New York that Neapolitan immigrant and grocery store owner Gennaro Lombardi was granted the nation's first Ilcense to sell pizza in 1905.... More

A Slice of Heaven: A History of Pizza in America

Once upon a time, around the turn of the last century, pizza in America was an inexpensive peasant food, made casalinga (home-style) by southern Italian immigrant women in their kitchens. Adverse economic conditions had forced four million southern Italians to come to America by 1900. Descendents of all the seminal American pizza makers indicated their ancestors learned to make pizza by watching relatives make it at home. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi applied to the New York City government for the first license to make and sell pizza in this country, at his grocery store on Spring Street in what was... More

That's Amore: Di Fara, Lombardi's

It's been a while since Slice has put on the ol' waders and panned through the muck that is Craigslist's Missed Connections. But we're glad we did. We struck gold in this edition of That's Amore. It features legendary pizzerias Di Fara and Lombardi's. XOXO, Ed. DiFrara Pizza , Friday NIght - m4w - 30 : you were that beautiful lady that order a pie for you and your friend. I was seatting next to you with my sister. wanted to say hi, but did not. wish i did. i guess is too late now. —peace Slice wishes you did,... More

Lombardi's 5¢ Pie Deal: Field Report

Our readers are some of the best. We asked for reports and photos from the Lombardi's 5¢ pie day, and you delivered. (Unlike Lombardi's—cheap pies for dine-in customers only.) Below is a first-hand account. — Ed. Words by Keven Roche .::. Photographs by Eli Berdougo .::. Went last night right after work and got there around 5:30 p.m. Line held about 100 people at that time. After about an hour, my friend and I got a table, ordered a pie with meatballs, and took in the entertainment. There was a "band" consisting of an accordion and various other instruments improvised... More

Beating a Dead Horse: The Line at Lombardi's

I know, I know: You're probably sick of hearing about Lombardi's and its 5¢ pies today. But here's a couple photos of the line there. The top photo is from Gothamist editor Jen Chung, via her Flickr photo account. (Thanks, Jen!) The one directly above is from a coworker's boyfriend. (Thanks, Ben!) This is the last you'll hear from us on the Lombardi's thing &$151; unless a reader sends us a first-hand account of his or her experience at the day's pie-a-thon. Anyone?... More

Hey, Cheap-Ass ...

IMG_2750 From Flickr member jenchung. Get thee to Lombardi's. (Doesn't quite have the ring of a nunnery, but what are you going to do?) Slice predicts lines to rival those of any major religious pilgrimage when Lombardi's throws open its doors on the 5¢ pie deal today. Looks like Lombardi's is predicting the same thing. And Gothamist editor Jen Chung provides the photographic evidence via her Flickr photo stream. Anyone else in the neighborhood today is encouraged to send Slice shots of the line or your feast, should you brave that line.... More

Reminder: Cheap Pies at Lombardi's Tomorrow

Just a reminder: Lombardi's (32 Spring Street; Nolita) will be selling pies for 5¢ tomorrow as part of its centennial celebration. If you go and are so inclined, we'd love photos of the crazy-ass line that's sure to form. You can send them to us at adam (at) sliceny (dot) com A Pizza Party, New York Post; photograph by Lockhart Steele... More

Lombardi's To Offer 5-Cent Pies

The New York Post comes through with a story on the Lombardi's centennial, giving a rundown on the place's 100-year (give or take) history. Lombardi's is, as many of our longtime readers know, the first licensed pizzeria in the United States—it got its pizza creds in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi opened it up the street from its current location. To find out why it moved and read more about the history, click through to the story [A Pizza Party]. I'm out the door for work and don't have time to digest it for you. What I want you to... More

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