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So This Exists: Ravioli Pizza at Rosa's in Huntington, Long Island

We'd already made up our minds to order a chicken roll (that'd be thin-cut strips of fried chicken rolled up in pizza dough, baked, and served with sauce for dipping). But then we heard one of the girls in front of us—the skinniest one, no less—order a "ravioli pizza please."
Uh... what? Surely she means "ravioli, pizza, please," right?.
Nope. She meant ravioli pizza. As in ricotta ravioli baked on top of pizza. As in cheese-stuffed carbs, placed on top of carbs, covered in more cheese, topped with some extra cheese for good measure. Oh, and then baked. More

The Hamptons: Pizzetteria Brunetti, Westhampton Beach

It seems strange to use the term "food court" anywhere in The Hamptons — sad suburban malls have food courts — but that's essentially what you have at 103 Main Street, Pizzetteria Brunetti's location. Teenagers work the ice cream freezers just inside one of the doors; the market sells baked goods, sandwiches, and cheeses; and between the two, tucked into a narrow corridor, is a small stall with a large oven whose familiar glow hints at the possibility of some serious pizza. More

Openings: Luzzo's Location in Westbury, Long Island

I just got a message on Facebook: "Just an FYI, there is another Luzzo's opening in Westbury (Long Island, Nassau County). I saw a sign today, called the original, and they confirmed it." [Thanks for the tip, Dan!] Update: Luzzo's owner Michele Iuliano has sold this location. "It was too far out," he said. "I didn't like driving there every day."... More

New Hyde Park NY: Eddie's Makes an Excellent Bar Pizza

I'm not a big fan of cracker-thin pizza crust, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Eddie's pizza, which features a crust not much thicker than one of those pieces of cardboard sandwiched inside my laundered shirts. Though the crust is cracker-thin, it's surprisingly pliant. You can fold a slice of Eddie's pizza. Through five owners and seven decades, Eddie's has been pleasing Nassau County residents determined to save the bulk of the room in their stomachs for beer, not pizza. Eddie's 2048 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park NY 11040 (at Denton Ave.; map) 516-354-9780 This entry... More

National Coal-Oven Pizzeria Map Now Posted

I've been workin' in the coal mine, digging up some more coal-oven pizzerias to bring you. Although New York City and New Haven, Connecticut, are two of the most famous coal-oven towns, did you know there are coal joints in Florida; Philly; Chicago; Des Moines, Iowa; Dallas; and Scottsdale, Arizona? They're all on the Slice National Coal-Oven Pizza Map.... More

A Slice of Heaven: In Defense of Gourmet Pizza

Editor's note: My friend and neighbor Brian Koppelman (writer of Ocean's 13, among others) loves pizza with designer toppings, for which he gives an impassioned defense here. It's an excerpt from my book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. Words by Brian Koppelman | MY FATHER, WHO FIRST INTRODUCED ME TO PIZZA, IS A PURIST. To him, a pie isn't legit unless it's built like the ones he ate during his high school years in Far Rockaway, Queens. Out there, among the row houses by the Atlantic Ocean, the neighborhood joints served it straight up: crisp crust, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella.... More

A Slice of Heaven: Bar Pizza

Bar (or tavern) pizza is an entity unto itself within the pizza realm. It's been around at least since Prohibition ended in 1933, but who knows, maybe there was a speakeasy serving pizza. It is served all over the country, although I have found a preponderance of bar pizza in New Jersey; Staten Island, New York; Chicago; and Connecticut. What defines a bar pizzeria? They're usually family-run businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation. It's pizza served in a bar (of course), which means minors are not let in unaccompanied by adults. At Vito & Nick's on... More

Gothamist Judges Long Island Pizza

IMG_6203.jpg, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of gothamistllc Gothamist editor-at-large and friend of Slice Tien Mao served as judge last Saturday at the Best of Long Island Pizza contest. Five Long Island–based pizzerias competed in each of five categories: regular, marinara, Sicilian, grandma, and specialty. In Mr. Mao's words: Our favorites from the day were Paradiso for regular pizza, Prince Umberto's in Sicilian, Paradiso's in marinara, Antino's in grandma, and Paradiso's in the specialty pizza. The winners for best pizza were Prince Umberto's for best regular and Sicilian, Paradiso for best marinara, Antino's for best grandma, and... More

Roll Tape

Almost a year ago, this site's editor and publisher, Adam K. (that's me), was called upon to serve as a judge in the annual Best of Long Island Pizza Contest. Contest organizers told me that the judges would be sampling 25 slices of pizza—five pizzerias competing in five categories. They told me that the Food Network would be there, taping for the show All American Festivals. They also told me not to eat breakfast. This site's roving reporter, E-Rock, joined me on the journey to Farmingdale (that's who I'm consulting with in the screen capture at right), and our... More

Judging Long Island Pizza

Judge's Dread: Although we were being served some of Long Island's best pizzas straight from an an on-site oven (above) at Adventureland Amusement Park on Saturday, I could feel a touch of anxiety welling up as I perused the judging schedule (top right) and calculated the amount of pizza I'd have to chew through. Nevertheless, I was called there to do a job, and so I steeled my mind, popped some preemptive Tums, and set about judging slices (top left). Ladies and gentlemen, last weekend almost put Slice out of commission, as Saturday was the day I was asked... More

Old School

"I like the pizza and hot dogs we used to get better. But mmmmmm, the salmon is s-o-o-o good." — Anajae Whiten, Bridgehampton, N.Y., public school second grader, as quoted in the New York Times story "From 'Yuck' to 'Mmmmmm'"... More

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