'Lorenzo's Pizza' on Serious Eats

Daily Slice: Lorenzo's Pizza, Philadelphia

Ordering a Sicilian slice can be a risky endeavor: Subpar specimens can be overly dense or (even worse) not cooked through. But the Sicilian from Lorenzo's Pizza in Philadelphia's Italian Market is pretty much perfect. The pillowy, almost focaccia-like dough is beautifully browned on the bottom. It's topped with a sweet-salty, dark-red caramelized tomato sauce that's seasoned with a generous amount of oregano. The mozzarella on top is full of great, crisp, browned cheese bubbles. More

Pizza 'Delivery' from Oberlin, Ohio

Michael Cariglio gives us a look-see at the goods before handing them off. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] "Mike, it's Adam from Slice. You got the goods? Where you at?" "Yeah. I'm on Crosby Street, behind FCI." It was like a back-alley drug deal, but with pizza.... More

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