'Lou Reed' on Serious Eats

Video: Lou Reed Namechecks Totonno's in 'Egg Cream'

I guess I'm a bad Lou Reed fan, since I kinda stopped listening to his stuff after Magic & Loss (1992), which explains why I didn't immediately make the connection between Mr. Reed and Totonno's. Luckily, Foolishpoolish is there to jog all our memories with his comment: "At Totonno's for pizza, and ice cream at Al and Shirley's." It's a lyric from the song "Egg Cream" off Reed's 1996 album Set the Twilight Reeling. Thanks, FP!... More

Lou Reed Loves Totonno's

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Hey, Adam!I was a royal escort at Saturday's Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, where the king and queen were Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson (omg!). Lou didn't get as into the costumed spirit as some of us—I was a BP pirate, complete with oil-slicked bird on my shoulder—but he WAS wearing a Totonno's hat, and that's pretty damn Coney of him.Attached is a pic of me with Lou and Laurie, doing my best "arrrrrrrrrrrr" (but instead freaking out in a total fangirl moment). And if you look here, in the... More

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