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Yes, @alexandrak, such a post does exist, and if your boyfriend finds what I'm about to write all TL;DR, he can check it out: The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC » That's a solid list, no doubt. And if his NYC pizza research stops there, I'm sure he'd be happy. But I think simply dropping a best-of list on a New York newbie does him a bit of a disservice. After all, he's moving to a pizza mecca. I think a little context is in order.


The Bronx: Louie & Ernie's Pizza for a Sausage/Onion Pie to Haunt Your Dreams

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Louie & Ernie's Pizza 1300 Crosby Avenue, Bronx NY 10461 (at Waterbury Ave.; map); 718-829-6230 Getting there: Closest train is the 6 at Buhre/Crosby aves; from there, it's a 15-minute walk south along Crosby Pizza style: New York Oven type: Gas oven The skinny: ZOMG. You need to get the sausage or sausage-and-onion pie. It will become an obsession When I posted my Top 8 Pizzas of 2009, there was one that didn't make the list. Not because it wasn't worthy but because I published that rundown just days before I visited Louie & Ernie's in... More

If I Could Only Eat at One NYC Pizzeria (Other Than Di Fara), What Would It Be?

Hi, Adam,I will finally get to come to NYC in the week just prior to Thanksgiving this year. Really looking forward to it, as it may be the only time I ever get to visit your city.That said, I have earmarked Di Fara for a visit, and I am hoping to visit one other pizzeria during my stay.There are so many good ones.So ... can I get a single recommendation plus one backup recommendation from you?One stop (with Di Fara already out of the running) for pizza anywhere in NYC.Bonus if it is a coal-fired oven--not available in my area... More

Dear Slice: My Pelham Bay Rundown

Homeslice Robert C. writes in with a list of pizzerias in the Bronx's Pelham Bay. I'll let him speak for himself. —The Mgmt. Dear Slice, I was recently turned on to your website and really enjoyed it. I see that you did a decent job mentioning some good Bronx places we frequent, like Louie & Ernie's, Coals, and Tosca. We live in Pelham Bay, and I am happy to report that we still have a ton of great pizza parlors in our neighborhood. I'm almost afraid to mention this, as I don't want too many tourists to come and the... More

A Slice of Heaven: Louie and Ernie's

Wassup, Homeslices? Adam here. I arrived at at Serious Eats–Slice world headquarters this morning, sat down at my desk, and before I could do even a lick of work, the bossman, Ed Levine, started badgering me: "Whatever happened to the excerpts of my pizza book you were posting? I haven't seen one on Slice in ages." He's right. So without further ado, Slice will resume posting excerpts from Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. If you've missed any, here's the archive of all Slice of Heaven entries. —The Mgmt. City officials know a good slice of pizza when they see one:... More

Louie & Ernie's

Louie & Ernie's Phone: 718-829-6230 Location: 1300 Crosby Avenue, The Bronx NY 10461 (Pelham Bay; map) Getting There: 6 train to Buhre Ave.; walk south along Crosby Ave. to 1300. It's a 10- to 15-minute walk Payment: Cash only The Skinny: Creamy, somewhat-sparingly applied mozzarella plus plenty of piquant Parmigiano and an ever-so-salty crust make this one of the best non–coal oven/nonartisanal pies I've had. Readily accessible only to those who live nearby in the Bronx's Pelham Bay neighborhood—and even those lucky stiffs have to make the trek there because Louie & Ernie's doesn't do delivery. I was beginning to... More

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