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The 8 Best Pizzas in the Pacific Northwest

The Slice Team 17 comments

While the major hubs in the Pacific Northwest don't have a pizza tradition, there are plenty of passionate pizza people that have opened up shop in Seattle and Portland. The pizza landscape has changed dramatically in the last seven years, so much so that Portland and Seattle seem to be leading the charge in the pizza renaissance. And despite not having regional styles steeped in history, pizzerias in the Pacific Northwest are putting their own stamp on Neopartisinal pies through local sourcing, creative toppings, and new approaches, all of which perpetuate the evolution of pizza. More

Portland, Oregon: Lovely Seasonal Pizza at Lovely's Fifty-Fifty

Slice: Portland Jim Bonomo 9 comments

The wood-fired pizzas at Lovely's Fifty-Fifty rival some of Portland's best. Our favorite was topped with wild nettles, Fontina, Taleggio, and pancetta. More

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