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Rizzo's Thin Crust Sicilian Meets High Expectations on the Lower East Side

Whenever I hear that an acclaimed pizzeria has expanded with a second (let alone third) branch, I can't help but let loose a skeptical eyebrow raise, a tilt of the head, a smirk of a shrug. If you're like me, get ready for a pleasant surprise, because Rizzo's latest outpost is turning out pies that stand up to the original storefront's (and give them a run for their money, to boot). More

Skip the Pizza and Get The Sandwiches at Goodfellas Lower East Side

If you were to believe their own hype, you'd think that Goodfellas, a mini-chain started over on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island back in 1992 was the "WORLD'S BEST PIZZA." Don't believe them? What if they were to tell you that they were voted World's Best Pizza? Yeah, I'm a little skeptical too. I haven't been to the Staten Island locations (there are two now), but I've walked past the Lower East Side storefront on my way up to the pizza haven of the East Village many times. It looks like a generic, cookie-cutter, corporate pizza restaurant—like a Sbarro's with more brick and less brass. But I'm not the kind of guy who judges a pizza before it passes my lips, and I was willing to give the pies a fair shake. More

First Look: Seattle's Via Tribunali Opens in NYC

The Neapolitan pizza juggernaut just won't quit. Coming just a few weeks after Don Antonio's opening, Via Tribunali opened its doors on Monday for dinner. A mini chain, Via Tribunali comes to NYC by way of Seattle, where owner Michael McConnell opened the first location in 2004. There are now four VTs in Seattle and one in Portland, Oregon. This is the first in NYC, and it opens along with next-door neighbor Caffe Vita, McConnell's coffee shop mini chain. More

Daily Slice: Stanton Pizza, NYC

[Photographs: Erin Mosbaugh] I recently moved to the Lower East Side and am surrounded by ample pizza shops serving slices that most would write off as 3 am, post-bar, late night sustenance. In an attempt to find pizza that's a step above the rest, I found the spinach-ricotta slice ($2) at Stanton Pizza's. Although not the perfect NYC slice—the underbelly of the crust is not nearly crisp enough—it is a solid slice of pizza, and an out-of-the-ordinary one at that. The ricotta is milky and creamy, set against the ample mounds of spinach that get a little bit of... More

Daily Slice: The Stuffed Artichoke Grandma Slice at Nonna's LES Pizzeria

I was pleasantly surprised when I laid eyes on Nonna's LES stuffed-artichoke creation. The base, a grandma slice topped with house-made fresh mozzarella and just enough creamed spinach is excellent on its own, plenty garlicky, light, and crisp. To be sure, I did wonder how to go about eating the artichoke, which is stuffed with ricotta and topped with a strip of roasted red pepper — until I was offered a knife and fork. More

Pizza a Casa: NYC's 'Pizza Self-Sufficiency Center'

Sell the people slices and they'll eat for a day, teach them how to sling pies and they'll eat forever. So might be the mantra of Pizza a Casa, the self-described "Pizza Self-Sufficiency Center" on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Slice's Adam Kuban attended a recent class to see if it's worth your time. Bottom line, if you're a wannabe pizza-maker, it is. More

Pulino's: Nate Appleman Out; Pizza Different But Still Good

The weblog Feast mentioned yesterday that Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria has revamped its crust. Funny, we had the pizza there just a few weeks ago while shooting a Pieman's Craft video and hadn't noticed a difference at the time. But Pulino's executive chef Nate Appleman confirmed the change when we emailed him, so we headed over to check it out. Long story short: It really is new, and it really is improved. The all-over crispness (almost crunchiness) is gone, replaced by a crisp-chewy round of flavorful crust. After the jump, a before-and-after. More

Daily Slice: Pala, Lower East Side, NYC

Pala on Allen Street riffs on Roman-style pizzas sold by the foot and served on pizza peels. The funghi e salsiccia pie ($17) we tried was plenty for two, generously topped with fior di latte and rich fennel-spiked sausage. The pizza was well-salted and had a delicate hit of hot pepper. The woodsy flavor of the mushrooms seeped into the crust, imbuing it with mushroomyness. My only complaint was that the crust will only appeal to bread lovers who want their pizza soft and pillowy. For me, it was too close to doughy. More

NYC: Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria

"The result is probably the highest expression of bar pizza." [Photograph: Nick Solares] Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria 282 Bowery, New York NY 10012 (at Houston; map); 212-226-1966; pulinosny.com/ Pizza Style: "Bowery style" Oven Type: Wood Stone gas-assisted wood The Skinny: It could never have lived up to all the hype that preceded its opening but Nate Appleman has succeeded in developing an exulted form the of bar pizza, bolstered by a superb in-house butchery and partner Keith McNally's front-of-house professionalism Price: $8 to $19 Notes: Reservations recommended When I heard that Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria would be serving "Bowery style"... More

Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria, a Gallery

Don't worry, Nate Appleman here isn't angry at Slice. He was just pullin' a face for the camera. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Another week, another high-profile pizza happening, man. Today, Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria, the long-awaited pizza joint helmed by San Francisco arriviste Nate Appleman (late of A16 in the City by the Bay). Other Coverage AHNY (good breakfast pie info) » Lunch Studio » GSNY (nice interior shots) » Guest of a Guest » Food in Mouth » Though to call it a "pizza joint" would be a bit of an understatement. The latest in Keith McNally's restaurant group (oh,... More

'New York Post' Profiles Sal Bartolomeo of Rosario's Pizza on Manhattan's Lower East Side

Sal Bartolomeo. [Photograph: nypost.com] From a nice profile in the New York Post of Sal Bartolomeo of Rosario's Pizza on the Lower East Side: "This pizza parlor is my home, and I share it with everybody," he says. "People come from all over the world just to see me, because they know I'm going to put a show on for them."Customers I've been serving since 1963 will bring their grandkids here, even if they've moved to another city. They want the kids to meet Sal." Rosario's Pizza 173 Orchard Street, New York NY 10002 (LES, at Stanton; map) 212-777-9813... More

San Marzano Pizzeria, Where a Slice Is a Snack

With shot glass, for scale. Serious Eats New York contributor Barbara Hanson visited the Lower East Side's San Marzano, which has been getting some buzz lately, and found the slices there small but tasty. At $3.50 a pop for three-ounce, five-inch-long slices, the place has to be serving some of the most expensive pizza per surface area in the city. What there is of them, however, is pretty good. The Margherita was not to my taste, sweet and a bit oily, but I tend to find Margherita slices a bit light on flavor. I tossed on some Parm, which... More

Closing (But Possibly Reopening): Isabella's Oven

Eater Isabella's Oven, which started out amazing but then went to merely good with the loss of its original pizzaiolo, is "closed until further notice" while the owners search for a new location. The sign posted in the window there projects a spring 2009 reopening date. Eater has some more details. Related Isabella's Oven: One Great Pizza on a Saturday Night Isabella's Oven: Going Downhill? Isabella's Oven: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By... More

New Crab Pizza Joins Menu at Artichoke Basille's

Eater reports that Artichoke Basille is serving a new pie. This would be no big deal at a place like Ray's, but at a joint that only has three types of pizza (regular pie, Sicilian, and special artichoke-spinach pie), it represents a 33 percent increase in menu density and now accounts for 25 percent of all items on offer. Says Eater, "... they were smearing a delicious looking pink sauce on a pie. Upon further investigation, it appears they have unveiled some sort of a crab dip pizza." A call to Artichoke confirms that it is indeed a crab-topped pie,... More

The Clash Appears on Limited-Edition Punk-Rock Pizza Boxes

Gothamist has a good bit about limited-edition punk-rock pizza boxes at Pizza Shop on Avenue A. The first 1,500 punk-rock pizza boxes will feature an image of the Clash on them. The next edition will be the Ramones, Gothamist says. And Grub Street reports that Pizza Shop has commissioned Arturo Vega, the dude who did the Ramones' logo, to design its pizza box. Very cool. Pizza Shop 110 Avenue A, New York NY 10009 (at 7th Street; map) 212-614-9798... More

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