'Mark Wilkie' on Serious Eats

Amusing Insight into the World of Pizza-Oven-Builder Mark Wilkie

Überblogger Jason Kottke mentioned yesterday's My Pizza Oven Q&A with Mark Wilkie on his site. Turns out they share an office. Some additional insight into the life of an obsessed oven-builder: "Mark and I work in the same office and it's nice to hear that his daily phone conversations about stucco, stucco suppliers, stucco styles, and stucco application techniques have resulted in success."... More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

When I put out a call for people to be featured in the My Pizza Oven series, I never thought I'd get a response from someone who lived a mile away from me in Brooklyn. I mean, it's New York City--not that many people have their own yards here, and of those who do, how many are crazy* enough to put in a backyard pizza oven? Nice to see an oven grow here. --The Mgmt. Mark Wilkie's oven--just finished over the weekend. [Photographs: Mark Wilkie] You put a pizza oven in the garden of your Brooklyn home. First question, then:... More

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