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Gialina: San Francisco Food Critic Michael Bauer's Favorite Pizzeria

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] This is from last week, but if you're not plugged in to the SF pizza scene, you may have missed it. San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer officially anoints Pizzeria Gialina his favorite pizza place in the City by the Bay: What sets Gialina pizza apart is the handmade crust, with puffy edges that are darkened but not blistered and a delicately chewy texture - it's nearly cracker-crisp on the outside, giving way to that elusive tender breadiness. The secret, according to Ardiana, is a low yeast-to-flour ratio and a dough that is wetter than... More

A Mini San Francisco Pizza Jaunt: Does Alan Richman Know His Bay Area Pizza?

"I would be happy eating a Delfina pizza every day of my life, but it probably would never make me jump for pizza joy." Pizzeria Delfina is Alan Richman's No. 3 U.S. pizzeria. Last week I took advantage of a quick-turnaround, 36-hour trip to San Francisco to try a couple of much-ballyhooed San Francisco pizzerias, Pizzeria Delfina and Gialina. San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer took me to Gialina (many thanks, Michael) and I took myself to Pizzeria Delfina because, well, because that's what I do--try pizzerias near and far. And much to Mr. Kuban's chagrin, Mr. Bauer blogged... More

Ed Levine Went to Gialina Pizzeria, and All Slice Got Was a Lousy Google Alert

Gialina Pizzeria is one of San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer's pick for the best pizza in the City by the Bay. Ed Levine here at Slice–Serious Eats headquarters was in San Francisco last week and went to both Pizzeria Delfina and Gialina Pizzeria with San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer. And do you know how I found out about this excursion? On Michael Bauer's blog via my "pizza news" Google Alert. Hmmph. Where's the Slice report, Ed? I've been waiting for Ed to weigh in on the pizza, but since the dirt has not been dished,... More

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