'Michael Evans' on Serious Eats

Video: 'Naturally Risen' Redux

Yes, you may have seen this video by Michael Evans last month, when it was accidentally leaked on pizzamaking.com. Just wanted to let you know it's now embeddable and officially ready for prime time. If you didn't watch it then, watch it now. You will dig. San Franciscans, take note. A preview of what's to come in the Ci-tay by the Bay. Whoa, oh whoa oh whoa.... More

Video: 'Naturally Risen' a Fitting Epitaph for Una Pizza Napoletana

Stills from the video "Naturally Risen". Click images to watch. As Manhattarino fires up and finds its legs, it's not too early to take a wistful look back on Una Pizza Napoletana and its moody pizzaiolo, Anthony Mangieri--particularly if the nostalgia trip is in the form of a beautifully shot, edited, and scored video. Art director and commercial artist Michael Evans is the genius behind the short making-of video called Naturally Risen, which follows Mangieri from dough-making to pizza-baking. Backed by a great Tommy Guerrero instrumental. You'll find the homage on Evans's site: divisionofsafety.com/NATURALLYRISEN. [via Pizzablogger via pizzamaking.com]... More

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