'Michael White' on Serious Eats

Nicoletta: What Michael White is Really After

Some regular Slice-reading New Yorkers might be wondering why a national pizza blog with a strong New York bent has been completely mum on the pies at Nicoletta, the new pizza venture from über-Chef Michael White who happens to one of the greatest (not to mention one of our favorite) Italian chefs in the city. And you'd be right to wonder. Other than a brief First Look, we've been silent on the subject. Honestly, it was the initial negative press culiminating in Pete Wells' zero-star review in the New York Times that made us give pause and consider the matter. I mean, what is Michael White doing serving heavy, midwestern pizza with a sauce made with dried herbs and low moisture Wisconsin mozzarella? Here's the real story. More

A Slice With: Chef Michael White

Chefs love pizza too. So we're chatting up chefs from around the country about their favorites, their home-pizzamaking habits, and their beloved childhood pizza memories. Today's victim: Michael White, chef at Marea and the newly opened Osteria Morini. Chef Michael White and his daughter with their homemade pie. [Photograph: Michael White] Thanks so much for chatting with us! Do you ever make pizza at home? I like to make pizza at home on Sunday nights with my wife and daughter Francesca. Checkout the closeup above!... More

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