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Coney Dog Pizza: A Jackson, Michigan Specialty

Adam Kuban 7 comments

OK, wow. We've talked about gyro pizza on Slice before. And hot-dog-and-french-fry-pizza. So why not Coney dog pizza? More

Niki's Pizza Is Not Detroit's Best, But It's Not Too Far Behind

Daniel Zemans 8 comments

It may not have the blissfully indulgent greasiness of Loui's or the balance and crispness of Buddy's, but no exploration of Detroit-style pizza is complete without a stop in Greektown at Niki's Pizza, where the thick sauce and chewy crust form the backbone of some excellent pizza. More

Elevating Brewpub Pizza at Motor City Brewing Works, Detroit

Daniel Zemans 5 comments

Management at Motor City Brewing Works in Detroit is so concerned that customers come in for their beer rather than pizza that they actually took a couple of their most popular pies off the menu. The word's out, though: the pizza at Motor City Brewing Works is good. More

Daily Slice: Duck Confit Pizza Bistro from Forest Grill, Birmingham, Michigan

Daily Slice Daniel Zemans 4 comments

The Duck Confit Pizza Bistro is topped with Pecorino Toscano and raspberry vinaigrette-dressed greens, along with housemade duck leg confit. More

Daily Slice: Brooklyn Pizza in Birmingham, Michigan

Daily Slice Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

October! National Pizza Month! This month we'll be bringing you Daily Slice, quick snapshots of slices and pies all of us at the Serious Eats empire have been enjoying lately. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman] You can order whole pies at Brooklyn Pizza in Birmingham, Michigan, but everyone seems to be here for a quick thin-crusted slice, a pitstop near the Anthropologie or on the way to the movie theater. Slices are reheated in a wood-burning Renato oven—when we asked about it, the cashier said it was about time to put another log on the fire.... More

Hazel Park, Michigan: A Taste of Detroit at Loui's

Maggie Hoffman 10 comments

It's unofficially Michigan Day on SE pizza site Slice. First Buddy's, now Loui's. The pizza at this Hazel Park, Michigan, joint is hefty and rectangular, meant to get you through a frigid winter evening like a giant pan of lasagna would. More

Livonia, Michigan: Great Detroit-Style Pizza at Buddy's

Adam Kuban 16 comments

The chewy, caramelized cheese where the slice touches the edge of the pan has a texture somewhere between crunchy and just short of beef jerky. If you could top the entire pie with that, it would either be heaven or the worst kind of overkill. I don't know which, but I wouldn't mind finding out. More

NPR's 'Morning Edition' on Domino's New Pizza Recipe

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 2 comments

I talked to Dustin Dwyer of NPR affiliate Michigan Radio earlier this week about Domino's new pizza recipe. His segment aired on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday. If you were sleeping in and didn't catch it, here it is, after the jump.... More

Reader Rec: 'Supino Pizzeria Is the Real Deal'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Supino's eponymous pie. The Supino features roasted garlic, black olives, chile oil, ricotta, red sauce, and mozzarella. [Photograph: seekoh on Flickr] Adam, Summerfield here. After reading the link about pizza in Detroit, posted on Slice in August, I've had two eating experiences at Supino, which was rated No. 1 by the Detroit Free Press.Supino is the real deal. Its pizza is pretty near a New York–Neapolitan style. The crust actually seems slightly thinner than what I remember New York metro pizza to be (it's been nine years since eating a pie... More

The Detroit Metro Area's Top 25 Pizzas

Adam Kuban 19 comments

[Credit: Detroit Free Press] In May Alan Richman dropped his Top 25 Pizza List in GQ magazine and in a related story somewhat counterintuitively declared Detroit the No. 3 pizza city in the U.S. The Detroit Free Press now seems to be reacting to the pizza spotlight—a little late but better than never. What's interesting, though, is that the Freep story focuses not on the Sicilian style that Richman praised as being "flawlessly executed" consistently throughout the region but on the up-and-coming pizzerias in the Motor City. The paper rounds up 25 places to check out. View the list,... More

Buddy's Deep-Dish Pizza in Detroit: Better Than NYC Pizza?

Adam Kuban 3 comments

This is rare: a New Yorker who travels somewhere outside NYC, eats pizza, and claims it superior to Big Apple pies. Who knew a Gothamite could admit such things?! ;) In this case, it's Buddy's, with its Detroit deep-dish pizza: So what makes Buddy's so great? As my dad likes to say, it all begins with a well-seasoned and greased blue steel pan. The dough rises in the pan, before brick cheese and then sauce is added. Different toppings find their way to different layers of the pizza. Brick cheese is also an important part of the whole equation.... More

Tomatoes Apizza: Coal-Oven Pizza in Michigan

Adam Kuban Post a comment

And here's another addition to the Slice Nationwide Coal-Oven Pizza Map. This one in the Wolverine State. —The Mgmt. There is a coal-oven pizza place in Farmington Hills, Michigan, called Tomatoes Apizza. It recently added the coal oven. The owner learned his art in New Haven, Connecticut. —P. J.... More

Mario Batali's Lakeside Pizza Oven

Adam Kuban 12 comments

From last week's New York Times Travel section—Mario Batali and family kickin' it Michigan style. Naturally, the pizza-oven bits caught my eye. (That's Batali's imported wood-burner at right.) Watching Mario Batali shovel a pizza topped with chopped tomatoes, wet chunks of fresh mozzarella and grilled artichokes into his crackling outdoor pizza oven, it is easy to imagine you are in a hill town outside Bologna, perhaps even in Borgo Capanne, where Mr. Batali apprenticed for three years at a trattoria. The surrounding spruce trees and the wind off the lake only add to the air of authenticity, as does the... More

West Michigan Pizza: Fricano's and Mr. Scrib's

Jeff VanDam Closed

From top: Fricano's EBA (Everything But Anchovies) pie and a pie from Mr. Scrib's, with the same toppings—sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms. Let’s get one thing out of the way: Yes, the state of Michigan is responsible for producing both Domino’s and Little Caesars pizza. But even though the products of these two chains are readily available all over both the lower and upper peninsulas—indeed, one can purchase a “Pizza! Pizza!” within the sacred grounds of Comerica Park itself, home of the Detroit Tigers—there is evidence that Michiganders can get pizza right, too. Very right. On the west... More

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