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Midtown Manhattan: The Pizza at Todd English's Plaza Food Hall

Pizzas are a little bit pricey for what they are but not outrageous and none breaks the $20 barrier, despite some fancy-soundin' ingredients. The menu ranges from the basic (classic Margherita, a pepperoni pie) to the more sophisticated toppings Todd English is known for (like his signature fig and prosciutto pizza, or spit-roasted chicken pie with arugula pesto). More

Daily Slice: Mariella Pizza, an Oprah Fave

Click me bigger to read poster » [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Hardcore Oprah fans may remember that in 2006 Ms. Winfrey and her friend Gayle King went on the hunt for the best pizza in the U.S. Among other joints (Ledo in College Park, Maryland; Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix) they put the spotlight on Mariella Pizza in New York City. Click the photo above to read the sign. One of the best pizzas in the country is just steps from Gayle's New York City office? How convenient. I don't know about you, but when I've lost track of time at... More

Daily Slice: Pizza by Cer Té's 'Italian Wedding,' Midtown Manhattan

The toppings were good, particularly the mozzarella and the meatballs, broken up though they were and resembling sausage. But the crust was great. Billed as a "baker's" pizza on the menu, it's somewhere between a grandma and a Sicilian pizza, with more rise and sponginess to it than the former but not the often overwhelming volume of the latter. And it has just the right crunch-to-chew ratio. More

Dear Slice: 'Cafe Daniello's Has the Best Everyday Slice in Midtown East'

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Adam,I know the "classic New York slice" is out of vogue. There are number of reasons for this, including what I believe to be the primary one: The margins on making decent pizza slices are terrible and no new pizza places, especially in Manhattan, have an easy time even paying the rent, let alone other expenses. So everyone new looks for new haute cuisine gimmicks, be they coal- or wood-firing, weight or quality of ingredients.Meanwhile, the slice, which New York used to own—and in my teenage years in... More

Midtown: 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino Opens Today

Wood-Oven Pizzeria from Former No. 28 Pizzaman Salvatore Olivella, formerly of No. 28, L'Asso, and Pie by the Pound, has opened 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino. It opened at 11 a.m. If you're lunching late today, you might check it out. The pies will be sold as 12-inch rounds or 18-inch pizza alla metro (sort of skateboard shaped). All from a wood-fired oven. Plus a few salads, antipasti, piedine, pastas. 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino 120 East 57th Street, New York NY 10022 (Park/Lexington, upstairs from C'est Bon Café; map) 4/5/6/N/R/W trains to Lexington-59th Street Station 212-750-4586... More

Naples 45: Skip the Neapolitan Pizza Here and Get Their New York–Style Slice Instead

VPN certification can only get you so far. Sure, you can meet the standards, but that still leaves plenty of room to really screw up a pizza. Naples 45 isn't worth visiting for its Naples-style pies. BUT WAIT! There is a take-out section that serves "New York–style pizza by the slice, seemingly as an afterthought. These slices are GREAT, and at $1.90 are a steal. More

'Kick-Ass' Artichoke Slice at Newly Opened Previti in Midtown

Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch reports on the artichoke square slice at Previti: "Their artichoke pizza comes topped with a truffled spinach and cream sauce thing that they make in house every day. It also has real artichoke hearts (bonus!) unlike Artichoke in the East Village. It's basically the best of both worlds. You can get it as a regular slice, or as a square slice." Previti Pizza: 122 East 41st Street, New York NY 10168 (Lex/Park; map); 212-557-4992; previtipizza.com... More

Openings: Golosi, Midtown Near Grand Central

Urban Daddy: "Run by a young Sicilian pizza wunderkind named Francisco, you'll want to pop in to Golosi (glutton in Italian) when you're looking for a manageable treat—three inches should do—of a crispy (the flour is imported from Italy, and the dough is made with olive oil) skateboard-shaped pie." Golosi: 125 Park Avenue, New York NY 10017 (b/n 41st and 42nd; map); 212-922-1169... More

Easter Pizza Rustica at Papa Perrone's Pizza Truck

Midtown-based slice fiends, an option for lunch today, from Papa Perrone's Pizza Truck. Easter pie: "It’s a meat pie made with sweet and hot sausage, proscuitto, pepperoni, mixed with ricotta, mozzarella, and provolone, baked in a dough. Also called pizza rustica." East 55th Street, b/n Madison and Park avenues.... More

Dear Slice: Aperitivo in Midtown

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got some intel on Aperitivo in Midtown from Dustin, who checked in in early October with some dirt on Flatbread Co. in Maine. Enjoy. --The Mgmt. Ahoy Adam! Hope all has been well with you these days. Big downer about Co., right? Well at least for those of us who have yet to try it anyway :) Aperitivo 780 Third Avenue, New York NY 10017 (b/n 48th and 49th street; map); 212-758-9402 Anyhoo, since I first read about Aperitivo (the new brick-oven spot in Midtown) on Eater about 2 weeks ago, I... More

99-Cent Fresh Pizza Line

Midtown Lunch Check out the line at 99¢ Fresh Pizza. Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch (and Serious Eats New York editor) captured this scene last Wednesday. That line's on par with Di Fara, though I doubt the place is as good. 99¢ Fresh Pizza 151 East 43rd Street, New York NY 10017 (b/n Third and Lexington avenues; map); 212-922-0257... More

Dean's Pizzeria: Semiserious Pizza

You've heard of semisweet chocolate, right? Well lately I've been encountering a lot of what I call semiserious pizza, most recently at Dean's Pizzeria, yet another pizza "concept" from the folks who have given us the Patsy's mini-chain, Angelo's, and Goodburger. What is semiserious pizza? It's pizza that has many of the characteristics of serious pizza—made with good (if not great) ingredients, baked in an oven that can hold temperatures as high as 800 degrees (either gas-, wood-, or coal-fired), and served as whole-pie only. The only thing missing from semiserious pizza is the presence of a passionate pizzaiolo owner,... More

A Slice of Heaven: In Defense of Gourmet Pizza

Editor's note: My friend and neighbor Brian Koppelman (writer of Ocean's 13, among others) loves pizza with designer toppings, for which he gives an impassioned defense here. It's an excerpt from my book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. Words by Brian Koppelman | MY FATHER, WHO FIRST INTRODUCED ME TO PIZZA, IS A PURIST. To him, a pie isn't legit unless it's built like the ones he ate during his high school years in Far Rockaway, Queens. Out there, among the row houses by the Atlantic Ocean, the neighborhood joints served it straight up: crisp crust, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella.... More

That's Amore: 'Tell Me What You Had in the Box'

It's been awhile since Slice has waded into the plaintive muck of Craigslist's Missed Connections section. So come with me, my loves, to the swamp of love that spawns That's Amore. —The Mgmt. At New Park Pizza on CrossBay Blvd today with your friend - m4w: If this work's I'll not only be really happy but amazed! At New Park Pizza on Cross Bay Blvd in Howard Beach Queens this afternoon. You are light skinned and you were sitting with your girlfriend who was darker. You were wearing what I think I remember was a pink Tee shirt with something... More

99¢ Fresh Pizza Opens Location Near Grand Central

99 Cent Fresh Pizza, Midtown NYC, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of MidtownLunch The 99¢ pizza place near the Port Authority Bus Terminal that the New York TImes profiled back in October [sorry, it's behind the TimesSelect paywall] has opened a second location: $2.75 gets you two slices and a can of soda. It doesn’t get any better than this… (unless you like your pizza great, and don’t mind paying the money for it). Seriously… I only say it’s not great pizza so I don’t get a million comments questioning whether my taste buds still function. The... More

Any Good 24-Hour Pizza Joints in NYC?

Reader comment and response is still pouring in thanks to yesterday's New York Times story. So many great comments and recommendations. And questions. Reaching into the proverbial mailbag, we have ... Dear Slice, Do you know of any good late night or 24 hour pizza places in NYC? —Bilal Dear Bilal, Slice is a homebody, more prone to lying prone on the couch at night, remote in hand, watching Battlestar Galactica. But our favorite late-night (if not 24-hour) place is Vinny Vincenz. Great squares here. Sunday through Thursday till 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday till 4:30 a.m. Late enough for... More

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