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My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

My Pie Monday Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

So many creative and delicious-looking pies for this week's My Pie Monday! There's breakfast pizza, grilled pizza, Southwestern pizza, and even deep dish. Check out the homemade pizzas from the kitchens of Mike Senese, aaroneatspizza, Jim Z., ESNY1077, olsonmatt, BiereBeer, Bill CBP, lisatyc, Brigitte T., Adam Kuban, and dhorst. More

Pizza Obsessives: Mike Senese of 'Catch It Keep It'

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 13 comments

Mike Senese is one of the hosts of the Science Channel's Catch It Keep It, where he's the "Engineer of Destruction." He puts his engineering chops to use coming up with how-to projects in support of his love of pizza. He's used to flamethrowers, so we figured he wouldn't mind a turn in the hot seat here for another of Slice's My Pizza Oven/Pizza Obsessives interviews. More

'Catch It, Keep It' Host Mike Senese Goes on NYC Pizza Binge

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Mike Senese, publisher of the blog DO IT, cohost of the Science Channel show Catch It, Keep It, and the man behind "How to Build a Temporary, Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Oven" and "How to Make Your Own Pizza Peel" recently visited New York to binge on pizza and check out ovens.... More

Make Your Own Pizza Peels

Adam Kuban Post a comment

[Photograph: DO IT] Mike Senese, host of the Science Channel show Catch It, Keep It gives a quick overview on making your own pizza peels on his blog, DO IT. If you've got the necessary woodworking tools and love crappin' around in the wood shop, you could save yourself some cashola by following his instructions. Senese is also the guy who showed how to build a temporary DIY pizza oven back in October. [via Kayoko Umamimart]... More

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