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The Good Pie: An Outstanding Blend of St. Louis and Naples

Our man in Chicago, Daniel Zemans, checks in with another piece of intel from the road. Today, St. Louis. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] The Good Pie 3137 Olive Street, Saint Louis MO 63103 (map); 314-289-9391‎; thegoodpie.com Pizza Style: Neapolitan Oven Type: Wood The Skinny: A perfect blend of St. Louis and Naples, The Good Pie is a whole lot better than its modest name Price: $9 to $16 Notes: Closed Sunday When Mike Randolph and his wife moved to St. Louis to be closer to her family, the 2005 graduate of the New England Culinary Institute and former cook... More

Imo's Pizza: St. Louis' Inexplicably Addictive Pie

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in St. Louis. —The Mgmt. Imo's Pizza 742 S 4th Street, St. Louis MO 63102 (map); 314-421-4667‎; imospizza.com Pizza Style: Cracker thin crust Oven Type: Convection The Skinny: St. Louis's signature pizzeria is a treat for those of us who have acquired the taste but understandably far from it to those who have not Price: 12-inch with sausage, $10.66 Gefilte fish. Chitterlings. Thousand-year-old-eggs. Provel cheese. What do these four foods have in common? To the extent that it's possible to have... More

Pi Pizzeria, St. Louis: Checking Out President Obama's Purported Favorite Pie

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in St. Louis. —The Mgmt. Pi Pizzeria 6144 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63112 (map); 314-727-6633‎; restaurantpi.com Pizza Style: Deep dish and thin crust Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: President Obama might not be a pizza expert, but Pi has some excellent deep-dish pizza. The thin crust pies, however, do not measure up as well Price: Deep dish pies start at $12 and thin crust starts at $11 Notes: Second location just opened in Kirkwood; third location in Central West End... More

Thai Pizza Co in St. Louis: Testing the Universality of Pizza

Serious Eats Chicago contributor Daniel Zemans checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in St. Louis. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Thai Pizza Co. 608 Eastgate, St. Louis, MO 63130 (map); 314-862-4429‎; patsthairestaurants.com Pizza Style: Thin crust Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: A noble but unsuccessful attempt to expand the pizza world Price: 9" pizzas are $8 each Notes: Closed Wednesdays On a recent trip to St. Louis, I was wandering down Delmar in the Loop, when neon lights a few doors down a side street called out to me. I ran over to... More

St. Louis's Pi to Make Pizza at White House at Obama's Request

Remember all that hullaballo about Obama's favorite pizzeria being Italian Fiesta Pizzeria? And then our man in Chicago, Daniel Zemans, came through with the news that, maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama's favorite pizzeria might be Pi in St. Louis? Looks like he was right. The president has asked Pi to come to the White House and make pizza for a pizza party. "From what it sounds like, [the White House kitchen] the top of the line," [Pi partner Ryan] Mangialardo said. "They should have everything I need there to make the pizza happen." I wonder if there's actually a pizza... More

The Good Pie, Bringing Neapolitan-Style Pizza to St. Louis

St. Louis Eats and Drinks St. Louis food writers Joe and Ann Pollack (regulars here on the site may know Ann as "Lemons") visit a recently opened Neapolitan-style pizzeria in the Gateway City. It's called The Good Pie, and here's what they have to say about it: The pizzas themselves are 12 inches in diameter, available in some simple options, again in the style of Naples. We tried two, the house signature called "The Good Pie", and a puttanesca. The crust is remarkable. Quite thin, but not crispy, it has a little chew to it, but it’s cooked so... More

Kansas City's Grinders and Its Tater Tot Chili Pizza, on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'

Madness lies ahead, at Eat Me Daily. Kansas City, I love you. I spent my formative years in your metro area. But this nonsense is why we had to break up. You will forever be synonymous with barbecue and pretty little women, but you will never be known as a pizza town. How could you, with this crazy-ass Tater Tot–Chili Pizza at Grinders? The Eat Me Daily weblog has video of the monstrosity. Grinders 417 East 18th Street, Kansas City MO 64108 (b/n Oak and Locust streets; map) 816-472-5454... More

Imo's Pizza in St. Louis

Editor's note: Below, reader Lemons checks in with some St. Louis pizza intel. For more on St. Louis–area food, check out Lemons's blog: St. Louis Eats and Drinks. —Adam Photograph from MagDawg462 on Flickr It's flatter than a pancake, it's square, and there's not a hint of mozzarella about it. What's something described like that doing on a pizza blog? It's a piece of Imo's Pizza, the epitome of St. Louis–style pie. This idiosyncratic rendition is characterized by an extremely thin crust with no raised edge, the pie itself roughly cut into 3-inch squares—or as closely as you can get... More

Spin Doctors

Honey P. is a contributor at our sister site, A Hamburger Today. She's also a one-time resident of The K.C., where her parents still live. She filed this report while on a recent trip to visit them. SPIN NEAPOLITAN PIZZA Location: 6541 West 119th Street, Overland Park KS 66209 (b/n Metcalf and Nall) [map] Phone: 913-451-SPIN (7746); carry-out only Website: spinpizza.com BY HONEY P. .::. When Papa P. said, "I'll tell you where to get the best pizza," on a recent Friday night, you can bet lil' Honey was all ears. (Yeah, so what I chill with the 'rents on weekends,... More

The K.C., Part Two: D'Bronx

Previously on The K.C.: When last I left you, I was clutching my stomach, agonizing over the dearth of good pizza in Kansas City, a.k.a. "The K.C." I had visited three pizzerias in the course of two days and had promised to report on them. Here is the first of those reports. Some dude once wrote that you can't go home again. But that's exactly where I found myself last week, sort of, after touching down in Kansas City and meeting Ma and Pa Slice at the baggage claim carousel. The last time a Slice staffer visited The K.C. was... More

Welcome to The K.C., Bitch

This is how it's done in Kansas City: From Left: A sausage-and-onion pie from D'Bronx. A plain slice from Pizza 51. A plain slice from Joe's. Remember on The O.C., before Luke turned nice, how he kicked Ryan's ass on the beach before delivering the lines that serve as the title and lede of this post? After eating pizza here in The K.C., I feel a bit like Ryan, rolling in the sand, clutching my stomach—with one notable exception so far. On the drive to my parents' house from the airport, we stopped at D'Bronx. E-Rock has already reviewed... More

The Topic Is Saint Louis Style; Slice, You Have 90 Seconds

First let me thank the people of the great state of Missouri: In light of tonight's debate between President Bush (left) and Sen. John Kerry (right) in Saint Louis, Slice takes look at Saint Louis–style pizza (top left), which originated at Imo's Pizza (top right). Ladies and gentlemen, you know Saint Louis for its arch, its eponymous Spirit, and its beer. Probably for Nelly, too. But did you know Saint Louis also has its own style of pizza? It's characterized by a a thin, crisp saltine-cracker-like crust whose flakiness brings to mind a pastry dough. And it's not STL-stilo if... More

Bleeding Kansas

At home he feels like a tourist At home he feels like a tourist He fills his head with culture He gives himself an ulcer He fills his head with culture He gives himself an ulcer —Gang of Four, "At Home He's a Tourist" The Tragic Prelude: John Steuart Curry's "The Tragic Prelude" (top), an allegorical mural painted between 1937 and 1942, is familiar to almost anyone who went through public grade school in Kansas. Thousands of the state's children have seen the mural on one field trip or another to the state capitol building in Topeka, where it is... More

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