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Da Bologna Pizzeria's Mercedes is a Montreal Pizza Pacesetter

Natasha Pickowicz Post a comment

Montreal-Nord continues to reveal itself as one of the city's most dynamic pizza regions, with Da Bologna's trademark dough—a yeasty wonder that's both light and substantial—confidently at the head of the pack. More

Daily Slice: Downtown Pizza at Arlequino, Montreal

Daily Slice Natasha Pickowicz 2 comments

Content with delicious pizza in Montreal suburban neighborhoods like Marie-Clarac, St. Leonard, and LaSalle, what happens when our Montreal correspondent ventures to try one of Montreal's most popular downtown pizza spots? More

Montreal: Smoked Meat Pizza and the Man Behind It at Le Gros Jambon

Natasha Pickowicz 3 comments

With LaSalle native Ryan Dixon at the helm, the pizzas here are a decadent, doughy take on the classic "Montreal old-school" style. Don't miss Dixon's signature smoked meat pie, which comes loaded with Schwartz's smoked meat, pickles, and a tangy mustard sauce. More

Daily Slice: Pizzeria Magpie, Montreal

Daily Slice Natasha Pickowicz 7 comments

Montreal doesn't have many restaurants that offer Neapolitan-style pizza, so when the brothers Boris and Pete Popovic opened Magpie Pizza in the Mile End in 2010 (Pete co-owns the popular anglophile pub Sparrow just around the corner), proclaiming authentic Neapolitan pies, the neighborhood was justifiably excited. More

LaSalle Pie Taste-off: Centrale vs. Dani's Pizzeria 'Spéciale'

Natasha Pickowicz 3 comments

The "Spéciale" is a bit of a grease-bomb, but undeniably comforting. The contenders are Centrale and Dani's. Read on to see which old school Montreal pizzeria does it best in La Salle! More

Via Ristorante: A Hidden Gem in Montréal-Nord

Natasha Pickowicz 1 comment

An irresistible hybrid of Greek and bar styles, the pies at Montréal-Nord's Via Ristorante, including the Funghi Misti from the secret-menu, are certainly among the best old-school Montreal specimens I've ever eaten. More

Daily Slice: Spanakopizza at Van Horne Pizzeria, Montréal

Natasha Pickowicz Post a comment

I've consumed quite a few Montreal iterations of Greek-style pizzas that have been borderline inedible. Though a proper Greek-style pie is a thing of magic and beauty, my Montreal experiences with this style have resulted in too many soggy, leaden, and slimy specimens. But not only is Van Horne's spanakopizza one of the best Greek-style pies I've eaten in Montreal, it's hands-down the best delivery pizza I've ever had here, too. More

Pizza D'Agostino: Old-School Montreal Pizza at Its Best

Natasha Pickowicz 17 comments

There are many legendary dishes that are unique to the Quebec region—like poutine and smoked meat sandwiches—but outside of the province, most people aren't familiar with the "old-school" style pies that dominate the local pizza scene. More

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