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Koronet: Jumbo Pizza Slices Bigger Than Your Head

Koronet Pizza's jumbo slices are the size of your head. Seriously. Check me out above. But if you live in Morningside Heights or attend(ed) Columbia University, you already knew this. The pizzeria is locally famous among hungry bargain-hunters looking to fill up on the cheap and, because it's open late, among sloshed students hoping to soak up some of the night's alcohol. More

First Look: Buca Brick Oven Pizza, Morningside Heights

Owned by Sebastiano Cappitta, who recently opened nearby Bettolona, Buca is a tiny space on a quiet block, with six tables — seven if you count the one on the sidewalk — perhaps fitting for a place whose name means hole in Italian. It's small but doesn't feel cramped. Attilio Reale is the pizzaiolo here, manning a fire-breathing oven akin to the one you may have seen at Roberta's. More

After All These Years: V&T Pizzeria

Yesterday I blabbled about Pizza Moto at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea. Today, I share with you another weekend pizza trip I made—to V&T Pizzeria in Morningside Heights. I know that this is going to punch some nostalgia buttons among you Columbia alumni in the audience—but it might also make you want to punch me. See, I didn't think V&T was all that.... More

Any Good 24-Hour Pizza Joints in NYC?

Reader comment and response is still pouring in thanks to yesterday's New York Times story. So many great comments and recommendations. And questions. Reaching into the proverbial mailbag, we have ... Dear Slice, Do you know of any good late night or 24 hour pizza places in NYC? —Bilal Dear Bilal, Slice is a homebody, more prone to lying prone on the couch at night, remote in hand, watching Battlestar Galactica. But our favorite late-night (if not 24-hour) place is Vinny Vincenz. Great squares here. Sunday through Thursday till 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday till 4:30 a.m. Late enough for... More

Turn Here: Fun Pizza Videos

Just saw Boing Boing mention Turn Here, a video site that features fun footage of places (hopefully) near you. And you and you and you and you. We did a search for pizza and found a couple neat shorts starring competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti. In Part 1, Mr. Conti visits Koronet Pizza in Manhattan's Morningside Heights neighborhood and Pizza Gruppo in the borough's East Village. Both choices make sense, given his eating feats. Koronet's slices are known for their HUGEness (as big as your head) and Gruppo is so thin that you could eat tons of it before... More

Ray's: The Question Remains Unanswered

In yesterday's New York Times F.Y.I. column, the question was raised: Where was the first Ray's Pizza, and what's the story behind it? A. Why don’t you ask something simple, like what happened to Judge Crater? Some New York culinary questions (just who invented the black-and-white cookie is another) are destined to remain shrouded in mystery. The evolution of Ray’s Pizza resists an easy explanation.... The Ray’s question is also bristling with lawyers. Rosolino Mangano, of Famous Original Ray’s Pizza on Columbus Avenue near 83rd Street, went to court in the early 1990’s, registered that name and branched out with... More

This Is Radio Slice

Freelance journalist, Columbia journalism graduate student, and Slice reader Cyrus Farivar offered us a radio piece on Koronet Pizza that he recently completed. Columbia requires its journalism students to take one class in medium that they don't usually work in. Since Mr. Farivar works primarily in print, he chose radio. Listen to Cyrus's report on Koronet. We had no idea they had special pans made to hold their giant pies! KORONET PIZZA Location: 2848 Broadway (b/n 110th & 111th) Phone: 212-222-1566 The Skinny: 32-inch pies mean huge slices. Plain slices go for $2.75 each.... More

Would You Like Ranch Or Vinaigrette With Your Slice?

photograph by Joe Schumacher | Blogger Joe Schumacher visits Morningside Heights pizzeria Koronet and observes some strange behavior. Koronet, for those of you who don't know, is known for slices that can be described as "as big as your head." In his blog entry Extra Value Is What You Get, Mr. Schumacher says: While I was eating, three teenagers with southeast Ohio accents came in and also got slices. Koronet's slices are so large that you have to fold them in order to eat them. These guys weren't folding and it wasn't a pretty sight. I was about to show... More

V&T Pizzeria

I SAW THE SIGN: With its charming neon sign and stories of classicly gruff New York–waitstaff attitude, we wanted so much to like V&T. But the pizza just didn't do it for us.V&T Pizzeria is a Morningside Heights spot that often draws raves in many of the various "best of" stories that run in the city's various publications at various times of the year. We don't know why. On recent visits to this oft-spoke-of Italian eatery, we found the pies to be thin but soggy, laden with both too much cheese and too much sauce, and only a couple notches... More

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