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Top This: Rigatoni Pizza (à la Mulberry Street Pizzeria)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 16 comments

While double fisting pizza and baked rigatoni about 12 years ago, inspiration struck heavyweight Mike Tyson and he dropped a forkful on his pie—sowing the seed for Mulberry Street Pizzeria's Rigatoni Pizza. If it's good enough for "Iron Mike", it's good enough for you. We'll show you how to make your own at home. More

Daily Slice: Mulberry Street Pizzeria, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone 9 comments

The slice. It's the basis by which many of us judge pizza. If it sucks, why waste stomach room on toppings... This is the very thinking that made me call quits on Mulberry Street Pizzeria after a bad slice encounter. But for the sake of Slice-super-science, I tagged myself back in. More

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