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Here's a Tip: Mediocre Pizza Is Better When You Order It 'Well-Done'

Pizza photograph by The Pizza Review T&R, where I often get my delivery and take-out pies. For the last year, whenever I've ordered a conventional-gas-oven, mediocre-ingredients-laden, decent-crusted plain pie from my local pizzeria of choice, T&R, I have been specifying that my pie be well-done. Why? Because uncooked, gummy pizza dough may be my No. 1 pizza pet peeve (also known as my "PPP"). Nothing ruins a pizza like a bite filled with raw dough. And you know what? Ordering well-done really makes a difference. My last pie from T&R was most excellent. Am I the only pizza lover... More

Types of Pizza-Crust Eaters

A pile of crusts, or "pizza bones." Photograph by Robyn Lee As evidenced by a recent Talk thread, people have various styles of handling pizza crust. Herewith, a glossary of crust eaters: No Matter What: They always eat it, good or bad. It's part of the pizza package deal. Or maybe Mom and Dad just taught them to clean their plates If It's Good: These people judge on a case-by-case basis. But what is good? This depends, which makes for subgroups such as chewy-selective, crispy-selective, and so on Ladylike: Please don't turn this into a sexist thing, this just... More

The Age of Fear: Packing Pizza on the Train

"You're worried that of all the things you could be mugged for, they're going to take your pizza?" Related Is It Rude to Eat on Public Transit? First Taste: Motorino Pizza It's been little things building. Hangovers after two beers, increasing instances of heartburn, a newfound appreciation for Billy Joel. But I think I officially became old on Monday when I admitted I was scared of teenagers. But, so far, only when I'm carrying pizza on the subway. Returning from Motorino on Monday with a Margherita pizza for the office, I was traveling by subway just as school let out.... More

Pizzaholism, Defined

We received this email from reader Chris P. last week. We think it sums up the Slice ethos while diagnosing a nasty but tasty condition that had previously been hidden right under our noses (or maybe we were just in denial). --The Management Yes, gentleman, it is true: We have a disease: pizzaholism. Personally, I think it is genetic. I inherited my pizza-eating compulsion from my mother, who at least has the self-restraint to only eat it once a week. A "weekend warrior" she is. But alas, self-restraint was not part of the DNA package I receieved from her half... More

Puny Pizzas

Domino's had a little joke on some Eastern Michigan University students on April Fool's Day, delivering its "XLP" to the campus. Students expected the chain's Xtra Large Pizza but instead got the Xtra Little Pizza. A lame joke, to be sure, but therein lies an idea. There are tiny hamburgers, but why are there no sliders of slicedom? Bagel Bites and Totino's Pizza Rolls don't count. I think I see an experiment coming up in the Slice Test Kitchen. Domino's Pizza Uses April Fools' Joke to Launch XLP [PMQ.com]... More

Connecting the Dots Over Lunch

Trying to cut down on your subway and bus fares? Stop eating pizza. There are, it would seem, eight million half-baked theories to chronicle New York life. The Pizza Connection is one of them. As explained by columnist Clyde Haberman in today‚Äôs New York Times, this is one that has been around since the Koch administration. Mr. Haberman points out that a slice of pizza near the offices of the Gray Old Lady can run as much as $2.25. (It has been that high at Di Fara for a couple of years—and well worth it. But we digress.) If history... More


So, last night was the Food Blog Panel at Makor Center. As you might know, yours truly was a member of the panel, along with Alaina "A Full Belly" Browne and Josh "The Food Section" Friedland. Andrea Strong moderated. I don't have much to say about the event, because I didn't take notes, didn't record it, and I was a bit nervous so can't remember many details about what we all talked about. Perhaps later in the day my fellow panelists and some of our fellow foodbloggers in attendance will chime in on their sites and I'll link. We... More

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